Today’s gift solution is the SteriPen Portable UV system. This handheld sterilizer is a perfect gift for the hiker, traveler, or explorer on your list.
Dangerous microbes and cysts can live in river and spring water that has been untreated. Hikers can often experience severe cramping and diarrhea after drinking untreated surface water, as most rivers and streams may have fecal contaminants from animals or humans. Travelers may also be at risk for sickness when traveling to developing countries that may not have necessary infrastructure to treat water.

The SteriPen uses UV light technology to zap dangerous microbes and cysts. The UV light alters the DNA of the microbes, which prevents them from reproducing and thus making a person sick.

The SteriPen freedom is easy to use. Simply remove the cap and immerse the uv lamp into the water. 48 seconds later, the water will be ready to drink.

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