Water Filters Can Help With Common Water Problems

Culligan Below are some of these water types that water filters can assist with.

Hard Water Problems

Hard Water is a condition in which there are high levels of calcium and magnesium in the water supply. This is a common water problem in the USA. Hard water leaves skin dry, hair dull, and requires more soap and cleaning products to get clean. It will also leave spots on dishes and shorten the life of your appliances. The solution is often a water softening system.

Bad Tasting Water

If you water has a bad or unpleasant taste such as a salty, bitter or metallic taste then this can be a sign of a high concentration of total dissolved solids in your water. A common TDS is chloride, sulfates or bicarbonates. The solution here is a water filter to eliminate high TDS from your water. Refrigerator water filters can reduce high concentrations of dissolved solids from your drinking water.

Bad Smelling Water

What if your water has an unpleasant smell? Often people will complain that their water contains a rotten egg smell, a musty smell, chlorine smell or chemical smell. This can result from cold or hot water use and can be from a multitude of issues. There are several treatment options including a faucet filter, refrigerator filter, gravity feed filter or even a whole house water filter.

High Iron Content in Water

Sometimes you will notice that you have a metal taste in your drinking water. Excessive levels of iron are usually the issue. You will notice red-brown stains on your fixtures or clothing, yellow or orange colored water, and of course that metallic taste. Iron Test Kit

High Copper Content

If you have blue-green stains on your water faucets then you have high levels of copper in your water. You will also notice a metallic taste to your water, color variations in your hair and corrosion of alluminum surfaces. The solution here is a water softener. Copper Test Kit

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