Culligan Water Filters Make Your Water Clean.

Clean water. It sounds like a simple concept, a simple necessity, and yet it is elusive, expensive, and difficult to produce.

In impoverished nations, maintaining clean water for the population at large is the single most important task to quelling disease and hunger. When the public has clean water, the public is healthier. If the public is healthy, there are better ideas, improved jobs, more education, and the general quality of living is dramatically increased.

In these countries, and even in parts of the U.S., clean water is an imperative means to a better way of  life. Those of us who are fortunate enough to enjoy relatively clean water can also take steps to treat our water and make it even cleaner.

In cities and towns across the U.S., municipal water sources work hard to maintain high standards. But the challenge of providing the cleanest water to the general public is nearly impossible to overcome. There are, however, certain steps homeowners can take to ensure that their water is clean and safe. 

On the top of that list is using a secure, highly functional water filter. Homeowners can visit their local hardware store and find a variety of options. Or homeowners can search online, pinpoint exactly what they are looking for, and locate the retailer who not only carries the product, but will ship it to their homes as well.

Here at Fresh Water Systems, one of our favorite filters is produced by Culligan Water, a pioneer in the clean water business. We offer a vast selection of Culligan products, from filters to shower heads, and offer them for affordable prices with convenient delivery options.


Culligan Aqua-Cleer Water Filter

* Sediment Prefilter
* Carbon Block Prefilter
* Reverse Osmosis Membrane Element
* Inline Polishing Filter

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Carbon Block Filters. The Same as Charcoal Filters.

After the advantages of Charcoal Filters were discussed on Oprah last week, people looking to install clean water systems in their homes have been rushing to find more information about these important products.

Charcoal has many uses. Certain forms absorb impurities from gaseous vapors. Others distill noxious fumes. And still more are used to remove toxins from liquids, especially water. 

When a shower has a charcoal filter, it emits cleaner water. Chlorine is a natural cleaning agent, but it carries toxins that can dry a person’s skin, hair, and eyes. Charcoal filters absorb chlorine’s toxins and in turn release water that is substantially cleaner and better for the body.

People enduring hair loss will be pleased to hear about charcoal filters. Toxins from chlorine in water can seriously dry out a person’s natural hair moisture. If a person has a shower filter that does not remove these toxins, hair loss occurs much more rapidly. So switching to a charcoal filter is a smart decision. Whether it’s for your hair or skin, the water is cleaner, safer, and more useful.

But charcoal filters are still relatively new to public vernacular. A search for them online turns up scant information and offers only a few retailers who might carry them. A better way to search for charcoal filters is to search for carbon block filters. Carbon block filters are synonymous with charcoal filters; they use similar methods to detoxify and purify water. Fresh Water Systems offers a variety of such filters. Two of the best are Culligan and Rainshower filters.

The Culligan–ISH 100 Shower Filter uses a charcoal filter to remove 95% of chlorine. The filter has a six month life or up to 5,000 gallons. It is easy to install; no tools are necessary, and it fits snugly to standard 1/2" shower heads.

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Shower filters can prevent hair loss

Dr. Mehmet Oz was recently on Oprah and said "The best thing you can do fo your hair cost less than 9 cents a day. Get a charcoal filter and put it in your showerhead." What he really meant to say was to use a shower filter with a carbon block, or KDF filter which removes chlorine from the water. It is a known fact that chlorine is a great disinfectant, but it can also dry out your skin and dry out your scalp which can lead to hair loss. If your skin is prone to getting dry and cracked, or if you suffer from dandruff, the use of a shower filter could help by not drying out your skin. Click here to purchase shower filters.

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How To Use Quick Connect Fittings

Many homeowners are beginning to use quick connect fittings for their point of use filtration systems, or reverse osmosis systems because of their ease of use. This instructional video gives you the basics of how to use John Guest types of quick connect fittings. Click here to purchase quick connect fittings.

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