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We all know the importance of clean water — as part of a daily diet it is essential to our health and future. We are limited by geography, occupation and expertise when it comes to working with developing countries for producing potable water.

But in the U.S., consumers have access to a number of products and systems that give us clean, refreshing water, time in and time out.

A recent study by American students for Clean Water treated present day water standards in the U.S. Their findings were alarming, and important for every family to understand.

We use water for everything from drinking, cooking, and cleaning to
generating electricity, enjoying recreational activities, and getting
from place to place. The U.S. Geological Survey says the average
American uses 80 to 100 gallons of water each day. This water comes
from rivers and lakes or from wells. Humans can only survive about one
week without water, so it is essential to have clean water for
drinking. Contaminated drinking water can cause deadly diseases.

cities and towns have been cleaning public drinking water through
treatment methods for 100 years. In 1908, Harriet Chick (and later H.E.
Watson) developed the concept known as Chick’s Law, which showed that
disinfectants used in specific amounts and for certain lengths of time
effectively kill microorganisms (tiny living cells including harmful
bacteria and viruses) in drinking water. That year Jersey City in New
Jersey became the first U.S. city to regularly disinfect its drinking
water. As the practice spread across the country, the cases of diseases
transmitted through water, such as cholera and typhoid, decreased.

with improved treatment methods, U.S. drinking water can still become
contaminated and cause illness. Water is at a greater risk of
contamination from bacteria, viruses, sewage, and waste after natural
disasters and after breaks in water mains, the pipes used to distribute
water. In these situations, residents may be advised to use bottled,
boiled or treated water instead of water directly from the tap.

One way to curb these risks is to invest in a water purifying system. The Waterwise Water Distiller removes all microorganisms and provides your family with clean water for years to come.
Waterwise Water Distiller


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EPA to Moniter Florida’s Water

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has announced it will set water quality standards for nutrients for all Florida waters. In one of George W. Bush’s last moves before leaving office, he signed into law that Florida’s waters be regularly checked for nutrients that can be harmful to ecosystems and the public’s health.

From the article:

"We are taking the significant step today of requiring numeric nutrient standards for water quality," said Benjamin Grumbles, EPA's assistant administrator for water, making the announcement on Friday. "We look forward to working closely with the state to develop improved standards that will accelerate the protection and restoration of Florida's waters."

Grumbles said numeric nutrient criteria will improve Florida's ability to address nutrient pollution in a timely and effective manner.

Excess nitrogen and phosphorus levels, known as nutrient pollution, in waterbodies can cause harm to aquatic ecosystems and threaten public health.

Nutrient pollution can lead to water quality problems such as harmful algal blooms, low-oxygen dead zones in water bodies such as the Gulf of Mexico and declines in wildlife and wildlife habitat.

Florida's 2008 Integrated Water Quality Assessment shows that 1,000 miles of rivers and streams, 350,000 acres of lakes, and 900 square miles of estuaries are impaired by nutrients. The actual numbers are likely higher, as many waters that have yet to be assessed may also be impaired.

This is an important step for the EPA and the cleanliness of Florida’s watershed. Keeping ecosystems safe, and maintaining water that is healthy for public consumption is essential in the 21st century. As a resident of the U.S., whether you live in Florida or any other state, it is also important to ensure the cleanliness of your home’s water supply. Be sure to keep an eye on your filters, water distillers, and other drinking systems. 

How Water is Distilled


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Low Tech Solutions for Arsenic in Water

VOA (Voice of America) recently ran an interesting article about arsenic contaminating water in India. The article states that for generations arsenic has been in much of the rock that lines the underground aquifers.

When farmers began using nitrogen-based fertilizers on their crops, the fertilizer seeped into the aquifers and transformed the arsenic into a more potent contaminant.

Hundreds of people have reported unhealthy levels of arsenic in their water.

Scientists and engineers are working with farmers and environmentalists to stop the contamination. And the solution they've come up with is at once simple and remarkably effective.

They draw the water to ground level, aerate it and spray it with water from shower heads. The water gains more oxygen and grows cleaner when it is aerated and sprayed with the showerheads.


From the article:

are using showerheads," he explains. "The showerheads spray the
water, it aerates and part of it will return using a thinner pipe back into the
same aquifer zone."

local wells use energy to draw water from underground aquifers. That energy can
be from a generator, or from a hand pump. But returning the newly aerated water
to underground aquifers requires only a pipe and gravity.

equipment here is basically very simple," says Gupta. "You just
need one pipe and few simple shower heads… plastic shower heads." The
entire set-up costs the equivalent of US $100.

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Mountain Plumbing Faucets

A watched pot never boils. But a hot water faucet does. Today, people are too busy to stand and wait for the tea kettle to boil.

Whether you need to get a jump start on dinner, or heat a baby bottle, hot water faucets do the trick. They're quick and safe, and help streamline the process of cooking, cleaning, or any other number of kitchen tasks. They provide clean hot or cold water instantly, and are easy to install.

Mountain Plumbing Faucet


Standard Size Diagram


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Solar Power for Clean Water

An article from the UQ News reported that a research team at the University of Queensland has developed a way to use solar energy to clean water.

Led by Dr. Lianzhou Wang, the team uses titanium dioxide solar cells to degrade organic pollutants and remove them from water.

The modern industrial world uses millions of gallons of water. When the water becomes waste, it is only slightly contaminated, Wang says. 

This is the water water that Wang, and his team of researchers, are trying to reuse.

More from the article:

"Conventional treatment has high energy and operating costs, but our process is driven by the sun.”

“The key part is this could happen in the industrial process, which will result in significant reduction in industry water use and savings to our precious water resources."

The process is still in development. Nonetheless, Wang's research is an encouraging sign that the need for clean water has been recognized by scientists across the globe.

For the time being, you can clean your own water supply by investing in an effective water filter. Fresh Water Systems recommends Harmsco filters and replacement cartridges.

Solar power has innumerable advantages. The diagram below shows heat from the sun, by using solar panels, can heat your home's water supply.


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