SteriPen Cleans Water for Travelers

When a friend returned recently from a trip to Mexico, he shared plenty of stories about the country's beauty, its friendly people and boundless adventure.

He has traveled to Mexico numerous times. The first time he went, he ignored advice and drank the water. Of course he got sick. Never again, he said. Instead he invested in a SteriPen, the portable, easy to use water filter for people on the move. The SteriPen is ideal for travelers, especially when clean water is out of reach or hard to come by.


If you travel regularly, or carry a water bottle, SteriPen ensures clean, refreshing water every time.

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Culligan Water Filters

Emerging in the media more often is news about water filtration systems. Whether major projects spurred by the Environmental Protection Agency or individuals installing filters for use in their homes, clean water is highly desirable. And it's essential to health and prosperity.

Here's some good news coming out of Stillwater, NY. From a recent article in The Record:

Construction for a drinking water filtration system started today in
preparation for the Hudson River dredging slated to begin at the end of
May, said officials from the Environmental Protection Agency.

With concerns from residents regarding drinking water quality, EPA
officials anticipate answering a lot of questions regarding the new
filtration system and water testing, said spokeswoman Kristen Skopeck.

are hoping that we can alleviate any concerns by giving residents more
information on the project,” she continued. “We are very close to the
dredging beginning and we want people to understand the process.”

For homeowners, numerous options are available for a lasting clean water supply. Culligan produces a range of products — for showers, faucets or drinking pitchers — and is a reliable source for clean, refreshing drinking water. Investing in an effective water pitcher is a simple way to save money and ensure that your family received the high standard of water it deserves. Culligan Water Filters are available here.

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Klean Kanteen–The Reusable Water Bottle That’s Right for You

If you like to travel, hike, or do any other sort of outdoor activity, it's a good idea to invest in a Klean Kanteen reusable water bottle. It is important to keep clean water within reach, especially if you are in unfamiliar territory. A reusable water bottle also helps diminish waste and saves you money.


From a recent Reader's Digest article:

The Plastic Problem 

Most bottled water comes in polyethylene terephthalate bottles, indicated by a number 1, PET or PETE on the bottle's bottom. (No, it's not the same phthalate mentioned earlier.) The bottles are generally safe, says Ken Smith, PhD, immediate past chair of the American Chemical Society's division of environmental chemistry. But scientists say when stored in hot or warm temperatures, the plastic may leach chemicals into the water.
Brenda Decker, 45, of Lake Stockholm, New Jersey, used to buy bottled water in bulk and store it in the crawl space under her house, where it was exposed to high temperatures. But a friend who owns a natural food store recently warned her that the plastic could leach chemicals into the water. So Decker has stopped buying bottled water and is going back to the tap. "It's a process, but I'm willing to go with it to make sure my kid is healthy. That's my biggest drive."
High temperatures in your storage space aren't the only potential risk; so are the other things you keep there. Experts advise against storing water in the garage, near gas fumes, pesticides and other chemicals that could, at the very least, affect the smell and taste of the H2O.


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Water Distillers

THE PURE WATER MINI-CLASSIC 2™ is a compact, portable
steam-distillation appliance that allows small families to produce
high-purity steam distilled water for their drinking and consumable
uses. The Pure Water Mini-Classic II™ operates much like a coffee
maker. It does not require installation, is very portable, and is
simple to operate and maintain.


This device provided healthy, clean water for your family. A water distiller is a wise investment, too. As it will cut down the cost of bottled water an provide your family with refreshing water for years to come.

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Water Filters and the Global Efforts of Charity:Water

Water Filters and the Global Efforts of Charity:Water

Charity: Water, a group working with people in 180 cities, used Twitter to raise $500,000 towards clean water distribution for various parts of the globe.

In the United States we are fortunate enough to have municipalities that provide citizens with clean water. We also have numerous filters — for refrigerators, showers, faucets and more — that are designed to remove contaminants in your home’s water.

But Charity: Water’s accomplishment is wonderful news for clean water initiatives around the world. It demonstrates the Web’s ability to draw attention to important topics, as well as inspire people to contribute to causes they believe in.

From the article:

The micro-blogging tool Twitter is often viewed as a one-way broadcasting tool for PR flaks to post press releases and firms to flaunt their merchandize.

However, the site’s marketing potential can be harnessed for more altruistic purposes – as many are starting to discover.

For instance, Amanda Rose, a Canadian living in London, England
discovered Twitter’s tremendous effectiveness for fund raising last
year, quite by chance.

After posting a Twitter message asking for donations to a food bank, she received hundreds of donations.

This led Rose – and her colleague Tony Scott – to realize they could be doing much more.

So they got a group going that -using the power of Twitter’s speaker
box alone – managed to mobilize Twitterers in more than 180 cities with
the goal of raising $500,000 for charity: water, a non-profit that provides clean and safe drinking water to countries in the global south.


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