The 2009 Blue, Green and Gold Water Conference

We know that hundreds of people and organizations are dedicated to the cause of clean drinking water. But sometimes it's not easy to know where to go to donate money or energy.

Two reliable and prominent sources for clean water technology and clean water initiatives can be found here.

The Blue, Green and Gold water conference in Zurich, Switzerland, is the world's most innovative water conference. It brings the best ideas and the most capable people together in an effort to create clean water strategies for the world in 2009.

The conference focuses on desalination processes, financing clean water projects, and the industry's challenges and latest technological developments. Al Gore is this year's keynote speaker.

We will be providing updates and analysis here, or you can visit the Blue, Green and Gold Web site, where you can read more about water, the environment and the money that helps to fund the initiatives.

Blue, Green and Gold

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Water, Environment and Money

We all wish for cleaner water, and for more people around the world to have access to it. But economic factors play a large role in the realization of these wishes. And now, with a global financial crisis, the challenges are even greater.

The three are set on a collision course. Climate change and the inexorable increase in demand are putting pressure on our water resources as never before. Environmental sustainability is threatened by water scarcity, and our response to it. Money can provide the solution, but that is more difficult now. But from adversity rises opportunity.

Water technology is breaking new ground. Here are some of the latest developments.

1) Desalination technology using forward osmosis to draw fresh water out of seawater.

2) Systems for irrigating the desert using seawater, relying on evaporation through a novel plastic material.

3) Membrane desalination using the natural pressure differential that occurs deep in the ocean to drive the process.

4) Bio-engineering that replicates nature's ability to take water from salt water.

5) Bio-reactors that allow water to be re-used without affecting its quality.

6) Systems that recover more of the total value of water when it is desalinated.

These are some of the most exciting technological developments in the world of clean water systems. For consumers, water filters still provide the best, most affordable access to clean, healthy water.

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World Water Week 2009

This week (March 22-29) is World Water Week. This is an initiative that focuses on raising awareness and funds for the protection of the world's water supply. The initiative occurs in many cities around the world. This week in New York City, restaurants and donations will be collected, and the funds will go towards the maintenance and availability of clean water.

Fresh Water Systems supports these initiatives and works to provide its customers with appliances and filters that supply households with the cleanest water available. These include clean water filters from Culligan.

Culligan Water Filters

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Pure Water Mini-Classic II Distiller Special Package Deal

Most Americans are experiencing hesitation. Especially when it comes to spending. We are worried that we will not have enough to pay the bills. The recession has put our jobs in jeopardy. We have learned to live without some of the amenities we have come to enjoy.

But certain things, regardless of their cost, are wise investments. When it comes to the health of your family, an investment is much more than an issue of dollars and cents. It is about providing the best opportunity.

We all understand the importance of clean water. We know it is a difficult and sometimes expensive process. Fresh Water Systems is offering a way to keep your family healthy — supplied with a constant source of clean, portable water — without putting unnecessary strain on your finances.

Pure Water Mini-Classic II Distiller


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Special Features:

  • No installation required.
  • Simple operation & easy cleaning.
  • Ideal for small families, RVs yachts, apartments and second homes.
  • Incredible savings over bottled water.
  • Constructed from stainless steel and only the highest quality components.
  • Hand-crafted in the USA.

You can read more about the Pure Water Mini-Classic II Distiller here.

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Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Systems

Reverse osmosis water filtration works by using pressure to force water through a
reverse osmosis membrane, retaining the
harmful minerals and particles on one side
and allowing the pure clean filtered water to pass to the other side.


The PuroSmart Reverse Osmosis system attaches to your faucet and
includes carbon block filtration. The carbon block pre-filter removes
chlorine, tastes, and odors. The reverse osmosis membrane in the
PuroSmart removes nearly all the other contaminants common to tap
water. The PuroSmart is the most compact reverse osmosis system
available. Unlike other small filter systems that require frequent
cartridge changes and only remove taste and odor, the PuroSmart truly
purifies water at the molecular level. Similar to the Nimbus Watermaker
Mini and the AquaWizard.
This compact portable reverse osmosis system is ideal for offices, RV's  and college dorm rooms!

PuroSmart Water Filter

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