Myths about Water Distiller Systems

Why are Water Distillers the best solution for pure water?  A steam water distillation system is the one water treatment technology that most completely and consistently removes the widest range of drinking water contaminants, effectively treating your water for more pollutants than any carbon filter or reverse osmosis system. Unlike the previous mentioned filtration systems water distillers operate by removing the water from the impurities rather than the impurities from the water. Below are some common myths about water distiller systems.


  1.   Myth: Simple H2O is not good enough.

Truth: Distilled water is simply pure water that functions perfectly to hydrate, flush, dissolves, transport, and lubricate. The essential functions of what we expect water to inside our bodies.


  1.   Myth: Drinking water has beneficial minerals in it.

Truth: There is still some debate among people if inorganic minerals in water, primarily from dissolved rock, can even be absorbed by the human body. We do know that the type and amounts of minerals found in drinking water have a great variance based on location. This in turn makes it an unreliable source of minerals. We know that a well balanced diet can provide you with the needed minerals. The American Medical Journal states, “The bodies need for minerals is largely met thought foods, not drinking water”. In essence pure distilled drinking water will not cause mineral deficiencies in people.


  1.   Myth: Distilled Water Taste Flat.

Truth: The first thing to think about is most people do not like the taste of there tainted tap water. As a result of this unpleasant taste a lot of people add flavoring to the water to make it more enjoyable. Unless you have tasted water produced by a water distiller you have no idea what pure water taste like.


  1.   Myth: Home and Counter Top Water Distillers are Complex and Very Expensive.

Truth: Compared to the uncertainty of water filter systems and the expense and storage issues of bottled water, a home water distiller is Easy! Many of the home and counter top water distiller systems are as easy to use as a coffee maker and cost a lot less that bottle water.


How to choose a Home Steam Water Distiller


There are a wide selection and variety of residential water distillation systems on the market. One of the most important decisions when choosing a system is how much water does the water distiller produce? Other important questions one might ask when selecting a system include, is the system a manual or automatic system? What types of materials are used in the construction of the water distiller? Below is a video that outlines some of these specifications of PureWater Distillers, describes how distiller systems work, and how easy these systems are to use.


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