Bad smells from front loading washing machine

There is a wide selection of different household appliances that use water to operate. Often these appliances work more efficiently and to their maximum potential if they are using pure treated water. For example, if you own a refrigerator with indoor water dispensation capabilities, it is recommended that you change your refrigerator water filter every six months to ensure both the water flow and that it is removing contaminants and bacteria. 

With the advent of new EnergyStar TM guidelines, manufacturers of these appliances are making more energy efficient systems that also use less water. One very popular new appliance is the front loading washing machine. Not only do these new washing machines use less energy, but they use considerably less water than a top loading washing machine. Many people now own these front loading washing machines not only for the ease of use, but also for the environmental benefits. The only widespread complaint from owners is a 'musty, smelly odor'.

On occasion, if the smell begins to resemble that of rotten eggs, you might need to consider installing a water filtration system in your home. Generally, the cause of the smell is from the front loading washing machine itself. These smells are caused by mold building up in several places inn the washing machine that drain, hold, or filter the water.  Below are some corrective steps that others have taken in order to prevent the buildup of mold and the bad smell associated with front loading washing machines.


  1. People have switched from liquid high-efficiency detergent to POWDERED detergent, and has reported the smell has drastically improved.
  2. Some front loading washing machines have a trap and filters which prevent particles from going down your drain. Many people reported that cleaning these out regularly helped to reduce the smell.
  3. Pull back and/or remove the front rubber gasket just inside the front door, and wipe down this area with a solution of bleach and water.
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