Home Water Filtration Systems are Recommended by Presidential Panel

Drinking-water-carcinogens Our drinking water may not be as safe as we think. Although we in the United States have one of the world’s best drinking water supplies and systems, it is not without issues. A recent government study has highlighted the health concerns of carcinogens found in drinking water. As recommended by President Barack Obama’s anit-cancer panel, it has been suggested to that people use some type of home water filter system.

"President’s anti-cancer panel recommends home filtered water
Says systems can decrease exposure to carcinogens

 Lisle, Illinois — In its official annual report, the President’s Cancer Panel is recommending that people use home filtering devices to decrease exposure to cancer-causing agents.
“This reaffirms what independent testing shows,” said Peter J. Censky, executive director of the Water Quality Association. “Home water treatment is a proven final barrier against many harmful chemicals.”
The report is entitled “Reducing Environmental Cancer Risks: What We Can Do Now.” In it, the panel states, “Individuals and families have many opportunities to reduce or eliminate chemical exposures. For example, filtering home tap water or well water can decrease exposure to numerous known or suspected carcinogens or endocrine-disrupting chemicals.”

The President’s Cancer Panel is a three-person body that reports to the President of the United States on the development and execution of the National Cancer Program. Members serve three-year terms, and at least two of the three panel members must be distinguished scientists or physicians. The President appoints one of the members to a one-year chair position.

In addition to cancer-causing agents, water quality experts are examining other emerging contaminants, such as those found in personal care products and pesticides. Many of these are endocrine disrupting chemicals which interfere with normal hormonal function. WQA provides Gold Seal certification for products that remove a variety of contaminants.

Consumers can learn about different treatment systems and find locally certified dealers by visiting the WQA Web site’s Gold Seal and Find A Water Professional features. The Gold Seal program uses independently developed standards to certify devices. A copy of the panel’s report can be obtained at pcp.cancer.gov.
The Water Quality Association is a not-for-profit international trade association representing the residential, commercial, and industrial water treatment industry. Its membership consists of both manufacturers as well as dealers/distributors of equipment. WQA is a resource and information source, a voice for the industry, an educator of professionals, a laboratory for product testing, and a communicator with the public. WQA has more than 2,500 members."

For more information about drinking water contaminates, and water filtering options visit us online or call us where we have certified CWS (Certified Water Specialist) on site that can help you with finding the right water system for your home.

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A cheaper way to keep hydrated at Disney

Save on Water for your Disney Trip One of the things that you will need a lot of when walking around Disney is water. The climate in Florida is hot, humid, and there is no better way to ruin a Disney day being hot and dehydrated. You can buy Bottled water throughout the park but can cost up to $3.00 per bottle. To save money, bring in your own water and be Eco-friendly by using a stainless steel water bottle. A steel water bottle coupled with an insulated water bottle holder such as NEO TOTE can keep your drink cold and add up to huge savings. Full up your water bottle before entering into the park, and once inside you can find free ice water at service counter to refill your bottle.

The math for me was simple; buy a 18 oz., 27oz, or 40 oz stainless steel water bottleplus a insulated water bottle sleevefor a cost around $10.00. This would be my total cost for water for my 5 day trip. On average I figured that I would drink 3 bottles of water each day inside the park for a total of $45 spent just on water and nothing to show for it but more plastics entering our landfills.

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Shower Filters and Bath Filters, Thoughtful and Original Gift for Mom

Bath-shower-filters Mother’s Day is a celebration that is recognized at different times around the globe. Here in the United States, Mother’s Day will fall on Sunday, May 9th, 2010. Historically, Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday in May, and is a time to recognize mothers & motherhood, and the positive contributions that they make to their families and to society as a whole.

Let’s admit it, finding an original, thoughtful or creative Mother’s Day gift can be a difficult task. We have all but used up our best ideas on expensive spa treatments, massages, pedicures, manicures or countless other beauty-related products. After all, there are only so many times you can get her a gift card to the beauty supply store, before you and her both become bored with the same old song and dance. So let us suggest a truly creative Mother’s Day gift this year, a charcoal shower filter or bath water filter that will turn her bath time into spa time, every day!

Using filtered water in the bath and the shower promotes healthier and younger looking skin, more manageable hair, reduced fading of color treated-hair, relief from dry skin and scalp, improved lathering and softer feeling hair. So not only does a shower head water filter provide luxurious spa-quality water, it provides such positive benefits – more than most of those high-dollar beauty treatments! Aside from these obvious beauty benefits, personal shower filters removes 90% or more of the chlorine, which can cause great discomfort for those with chlorine sensitivity. And there’s no need to call a plumber – many of the popular styles of shower filters, like the Rainshower CQ-1000 shower head, install in minutes and connect directly to your existing shower head. Do not like the stationary shower head, and need more mobility? Try the Culligan hand-held shower filter hsh-c135.

Now, if a shower sounds nice, but a relaxing bath is more her style, we have just the thing! The Rainshow’r KDF Filament & Crystal Quartz Bath Filter lasts for at least 200 uses, and dechlorinates the water in just minutes! Just place the Rainshower Bath Ball Water Filter in your bath water to promote younger-looking skin, improved lathering, and dry skin relief. The treated water is so gentle it is safe for infants, adults and pets. So, make sure to grab a few extra bath water filter replacement cartridges before you check out, to ensure she enjoys her gift for years to come! Happy Mother’s Day !

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Klean Kanteen Sport Cap Recall & Replacement Program

Klean Kanteen Water Bottle Cap Recall For safety reasons and in cooperation with US Consumer Product Safety Commission, Klean Kanteen is recalling the Sport Cap 2.0. Klean Kanteen® has received six consumer reports relating to the spout tip of Sport Cap 2.0 breaking or cracking after being dropped, which could pose a possible choking or ingestion hazard. There have been no incidents of actual choking or ingestion reported.

We at Klean Kanteen apologize both for the inconvenience and the resource footprint of this recall. We take the health and environmental aspects of our products very seriously and the mere possibility of our product harming someone gave everyone at Klean Kanteen pause. The decision to recall and replace caps was really the easy part, running a smooth replacement program is the challenge we now are rising to. We really appreciate your patience and understanding; we'll get you your new Sport Cap(s) as quickly as possible.

Jeff Cresswell and Michelle Kalberer
Owners, Klean Kanteen

If you have purchased a Klean Kanteen Sport Cap 2.0 from Fresh Water Systems, please visit our site to identify if your Sport Cap needs to be replaced ( Klean Kanteen Sport Cap Recall ). There is also a link to the replacement request form so Klean Kanteen can begin the replacement process.

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