Distilled water, home water distiller offer more than pure water for drinking

Distilled-water-blog As people become more environmental conscious about the products and service they use, manufactures are taking notice and developing “Green” products. In most of these products focus on using post consumer materials, materials that are biodegradable, products that use less energy and use fewer chemicals that are potentially harmfully for the environment. One such new product is a steam mop.

Most people are all too familiar with the process of mopping. We grab the old mop, pour water and chemicals into a bucket, and proceeded to mop the floor. When we finish pour the dirty water along with all cleaning chemicals down the drain or elsewhere. Now there is a “green” alternative to the traditional mop, a Steam Mop. Shark (sharkcompany.com) manufactures a line of steam products that both clean and sanitize. No chemicals simply fill the water reservoir tank with water, within 30 seconds the water is super heated emitting steam through a cleaning pad. Although not many moving parts, there is one option that is recommended that will help prolong the life of the mop that is to use distilled water. If you live in a area with hard water, distilled water has remove all the minerals that could cause the mops heater to fail.

Not only will distilled water help prolong the life of your steam mop and other devices that use water, but water distillers remove 99.9% of all water contaminates making some of the purest drinking water. A simple home countertop water distiller is effective in removing inorganic compounds, such as metals (iron and lead), hardness (calcium and magnesium), and other harmful contaminates from the water supply. Microorganisms such as bacteria and some viruses are discarded through the boiling process, which also helps to rid the water of some organic compounds and pesticides. So not only do you get pure water for drinking, many professional cooks use distilled water when they cook. This is something to keep in mind for all of your holiday cooking.

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What do Pam Anderson, Playboy, and Water Filtration have In Common?

Water-filter-charity There are many worthy causes and charitable organizations, which need help. Many celebrities give their time and make personal appearances to raise awareness for these humanitarian efforts. Jimmy Carter is a devoted spoke person for Habitat for Humanity; Brad Pitt spearheaded a charitable organization that is rebuilding homes for residents of New Orleans. From famine to areas devastated by natural disaster, there is plenty of publicity, but one cause that you seldom hear about is the need for clean drinking water in developing countries. Well known celebrity, Pamela Anderson, is now doing something to help and raise awareness of the issue.

In recent news, Pamela Anderson donated $25,000 for  Waves 4 Water. Waves 4 Water is a charitable organization which distributes water filters and water filtration systems to people who do not have access to clean water.

Anderson, who strongly believes in the organization's push for access to clean water also contributed her own personal money. She said that she wished she could do a lot more. Indonesia, Haiti, and Pakistan need this water filter equipment. Let’s spread this information throughout the world.

There are many organizations that have the same goal, some of these are listed below. So next time you are looking for a worthy cause to either donate your time or money to, consider the 1.1 billion people that have no access to clean drinking water.




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Change your Refrigerator Filter & Change your Clock

Change Refrigerator Water Filter & Clock November 7th
One of the most generic ways we all get filtered water is from an indoor refrigerator water dispenser. These dispenser systems do not just connect to your water line, but instead have complex filtration systems built right into them. And as with anything that is used on a repetitive basis, these filtration systems eventually need to have certain parts replaced, such as the refrigerator water filter. One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to refrigerator filters is, “How often do I need to change my refrigerator water filter?” You need to change your refrigerator water filter cartridge every six months, as:

  1. It provides better tasting and smelling water
  2. It helps remove fine particles and sediment from the water
  3. It prevents unabsorbed water contaminants and newly formed bacteria from being reintroduced into your drinking water
  4. Prevents drop in water pressure from dispenser
  5. Drinking fresh drinking water from your refrigerator can save you over $600 a year over using bottled water

And don’t worry. Changing your refrigerator water filter is easy. Most manufacturers have created simple systems to help you easily change your refrigerator’s filter cartridge. In addition to how simple it is to change your refrigerator water filter, we have 2 great offers to tell you about

  1. GE Refrigerator Water Filter Rebate: Buy 2 OEM GE Refrigerator water filter and get $10 Visa Gift Card. Buy 3 or more GE Filters and Get a $20 Visa Gift card
  2. Want to save 20% when you change for filter? Check out our Compatible refrigerator filters for GE, Maytag, LG, and Samsung. These compatible refrigerator water filters meet or exceed OEM filtration standards.

Oem-vs-comp1   Oem-vs-comp2

Remember that November 7st, 2010 designates the end of daylight savings time, and remember our slogan: Change your clock, change your water filter!

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