The What, Why, Who, and How about Chromium 6 Water Contamination

Chromium-tap-water-map Over the past week there has been a lot of press and talk about hexavalent chromium water contamination. The recent report by Environmental Working Group found high levels of Chromium 6 in 31 of 35 major cities drinking water supply. What does this mean for people and business? Let’s take a look at the what, why, who, and how about Chromium 6 water contamination.

Chromium 6 Water Contamination Updates: Updated 1-6-2011 There have been recent updates and movement by government officials about chromium 6 in our tap water. We will keep you up to date about what officals are doing to protect our drinking water supplies.

  • United States Senators Boxer and Feinstein Call on EPA to Address Chromium 6 Contamination in Drinking Water. 12-21-2010
  • Head of the EPA likely tighten drinking water standards to address carcinogen hexavalent chromium detected in the tap water of 31 cities. 1-6-2011

What is hexavalent chromium (Chromium 6)?
Chromium is a chemical element that has the periodic symbol of Cr, and is the 21st most abundant element in the Earth’s crust. Chromium has proven to be a very beneficial element in the construction and manufacturing process of many things. For example a major development in the manufacturing of steel was to add chromium. By adding this element to steel it helped make resistant to corrosion, discoloration, and hardened it to form stainless steel. A few other industries that commonly use hexavalent chromium in their manufacturing process include the tanning of leather, and in the creating of dyes and pigments because of its unique properties.

Why Chromium 6 is a problem in tap water?
There are many trace elements and chemicals in our water supply, but since the science was not available, when the EPA drinking water standards were created, no regulations are in place Chromium 6 in water supplies. What are issues with chromium 6 getting into our bodies? “Hexavalent chromium compounds are genotoxic carcinogens. Chronic inhalation of hexavalent chromium compounds increases risk of lung cancer (lungs are especially vulnerable, followed by fine capillaries in kidneys and intestine). According to some researchers, the damage is caused by hydroxyl radicals, produced during reoxidation of pentavalent chromium by hydrogen peroxide molecules present in the cell” (Wikipedia )

Who is most affected by the news of high levels of Chromium in Tap Water?
On Monday December 20th, the Environmental Working Group released a report indicating that hexavalent chromium has leached into the ground waters, from which millions of Americans regularly use for drinking, cooking and bathing. This water pollutant, hexavalent chromium, or chromium-6, is an odorless and tasteless chemical that was made famous in the film "Erin Brockovich".
In this most recent study by the Environmental Working Group, drinking water samples were taken from 35 U.S. cities and a shocking 31 cities were found to have high levels of hexavalent chromium water contamination. The highest concentrations of chromium-6 were found in Norman, OK, Honolulu HI, and Riverside, CA. We have started a petition to be directly sent to Government officials. If you want to see change please help us make or water supplies safe by sending a message to the EPA. We have started a petition to be directly sent to Government officials. If you want to see change please help us make or water supplies safe by sending a message to the EPA.

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How do you Filter Hexavalent Chromium from your Tap Water?
If you are concerned about chromium in your drinking water, the FDA recommends installing a home water filtration system that has been certified to remove chromium-6 (hexvalent chromium). Look for NSF and the Water Quality Association certified reverse osmosis systems and water distillers.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems: these systems are one of the most common treatment methods for household drinking water because of its ability to remove a wide variety of water contaminates. RO systems have proven to be one of the most effective water filtration systems to reduce hexavalent chromium. Reverse Osmosis systems are approved by the EPA for removing chromium from drinking water. Currently reverse osmosis drinking water systems are on Sale and starts at $167.00
Home Water Distillers: Home or countertop water distillation systems offer 99.9% pure water by removing unwanted and harmful water contaminates more effectively than other water purification systems that are currently on the market. Operation is simple, and has a low cost because there are no filters or other components that require frequent changes. offers water distiller systems that start at $289, and for a limited time many models offer Free Shipping.
Reverse Osmosis Filters: If you live in an area that has been identified as having high levels of chromium and you already own a reverse osmosis system, the most important thing you can do is to remember to change your filters. Depending on your system, there is a series of filters that should be replaced on regular intervals. Most post and pre filters need to be replaced every 3-6 months. Reverse osmosis membrane elements are typically changed once a year. We have 1000's of filters In stock and ready to ship today.

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Water Filters for Every Room, The Key Ingredient to Great Holiday Celebrations.

Water Filters for Holidays Here come Stanta, and all your family and friends. As the holiday season approaches us, we are sure to have our homes filled with friends and family. We all look forward to the celebration, to the time spent together, and to the memories created during this time. It takes a lot of work to entertain all of our guests, and something that is occasionally overlooked – and one that everyone notices – is the quality of water in your home. And is here to help you make sure that smell, taste, odor, and overall water quality is not the topic of discussion, like that carzy uncle that brings the oddest gifts each year. We would like to extend a special offer to our existing customers, to help ensure that the quality of water in every room of your home is ideal for all of your family and guests.

Kitchen: A lot of time will be spent in the kitchen, and offers several water filtering products to help ensure that your kitchen’s cooking and drinking water tastes and smells great.

  1. Water Faucet Filters: Attaches directly to your kitchen sink faucet in just seconds, and improves taste, while reducing chlorine, odor, lead, and other water contaminants.
  2. Filtered Water Pitcher: An easy and economical way to provide your family with great tasting drink water, while reducing chlorine, odor, lead, and other water contaminants.
  3. Refrigerator Filters: 16 name brand replacement filters that improve taste, while reducing chlorine, odor, lead, and other water contaminants from your refrigerator’s water and ice-dispensing system.

Bathrooms: Nothing feels better than warming up in a nice hot shower during these cold holiday months. But few of us consider how the effects of chlorine, which is a normal water purification treatment, can cause damage to our hair and skin. Also, do not forget about that drain that might need cleaning! Drain clogs can be quite messy, and costly, to repair. We offer many solutions for your shower, bath, and even your bathroom drains.

  1. Shower Filters: Replaces or attaches to your existing showerhead. No tools required, and installs in minutes. *Coupon Available for Select Culligan Shower Filter Head products.
  2. Bath Filter: Removes 90% of the chlorine from your bath water. Also provides relief from dry, itchy skin and improved lathering and sudsing.
  3. Bio Clean: Eco-friendly biological drain cleaner that uses non harmful chemicals. * Instant Coupon Available

Warm Up With Hot Water: Two of our most popular products using hot water are the Instant Hot Tank, and the Hot Water recirculating pump.

  1. Grundfos Comfort System Hot Water Recirculation Pump: The Grundfos Comfort System is a pump and valve combination that delivers hot water in an instant – to any faucet or bath in your home.
  2. Quick & Hot Tank: Instantly deliver up to 60 cups of steaming hot water between 140 to 190 degrees. Make coffee, tea, oatmeal – anything that needs hot water in an instant. * Coupon Available
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The Original WikiLeaker Does Not Drink Water Even if Gone Through a Water Filter

Water-filter-wikileaks The web and the air waves are a blaze with new about WikiLeaks. A story so large it effects political figures, business, and people virtually and literally around the global. Many Countries have seen a negative impact of published content on the WikiLeak website.

The story at its current state is, the founder of the website sits in a Great Brittan jail and everyone is pointing fingers at each other. As of today several very prominent websites were hack in retaliation, for the founder’s imprisonment and bussiness/institutions efforts to try and shut down WikiLeaks. A new article today helps shed light on some of the cloak and dagger behavior of the people involved with this story. Below is an excerpt from the New York Observer on John Young, whom they have titled “The Original WikiLeaker” on why he does not drink water even if it is filtered water.

"I don't drink water," said John Young. The 74-year-old architect was an early associate of WikiLeaks and has run his own document-publishing Web site, since 1996. "Why drink water when there is alcohol?"

Last Friday, at the Five Napkin Burger on the Upper West Side, Mr. Young sipped coffee and looked surprised as I guzzled a glass of water. He asked if I owned a water filter, inquired about my daily water intake and then wondered if I was addicted to water.

"How does that water taste?" he asked.

It had a slight metallic tint that resembled garden-hose water. In short, it was gross. It made me uneasy. I immediately thought about recent accusations of lithium being spiked into drinking water. He seemed pleased with that. After all, he doesn't trust the water. And he certainly doesn't trust strangers who unexpectedly email him, arrive with a digital recorder and then tell the waitress, "I'll have the same," after he orders lunch.

"Human activity is built on tricking and being tricked," he declared. Mr. Young was wearing a black blazer with a charcoal V-neck sweater and matching shirt, buttoned up to the top. "Those who don't hoodwink are evil people up to no good. I certainly expect to be hoodwinked. I'll do it, too. I'll do it in this conversation." Full story can be seen here New York Observer

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