Could Water Contamination & Pollution Ruin Your Beach Trip? The Cleanest and Dirtiest American Beach’s

Could Water Contamination & Pollution Ruin Your Beach Trip? The Cleanest and Dirtiest American Beach’s

During this Independence Day, July 4th 2012, AAA has reported they estimate that over 42 million people will hit the roads many for a summer vacation trip to the beach. Recent news report shows Americas cleanest and dirties beaches and how bacteria water contamination could ruin your fun.
The 4th of July is one of the most traveled holidays and a time that a lot of families take trips. According to a recent AAA report, over 42 million Americans will travel 50 plus miles during the Independence Day holiday weekend. This year is predicted to add an additional 2 million more families, an almost 5% increase from last year. (See AAA Report)

One of Americans favorite vacation spots are our wonderful beaches. Each year millions of people flock to the coastline for fun in the sun, relaxation, and playing in the oceans. Are you one of these 42 million who has planned a trip this July 4th to the beach? Although poor weather and too much sun can ruin a trip to the beach, there is also the unfortunate threat of polluted water that could threaten to close an entire beach itself. Beaches can become contaminated by a variety of sources that contribute to bacteria in the waters, such as storm runoff following a rain, agricultural runoff, wild and domestic animal waste, malfunctioning sewage disposal systems, and sanitary sewer overflows just to mention a few. With all of this in mind, a recent study and report by Fox News has listed some of Americas cleanest and dirties beaches. Below are the listings of the Top Cleanest and Dirtiest Beaches from this Fox News Report:


Cleanest Beaches:

  • Newport Beach, Bolsa Chica Beach, and Huntington State Beach in Orange County, Calif.
  • Gulf Shores Public Beach and Gulf State Park Pavilion in Baldwin County, Ala.
  • Dewey Beach in Sussex County, Del.
  • Ocean City at Beach 6 in Worcester County, Md.
  • Park Point Franklin Park/ 13th Street South Beach Park and Lafayette Community Club Beach in St. Louis County, Minn.
  • Hampton Beach State Park and Wallis Sands Beach in Rockingham County, N.H.
  • South Padre Island in Cameron County, Texas

Dirtiest Beaches:

  • Avalon Beach in Los Angeles County, Calif.
  • Doheny State Beach in Orange County, Calif.
  • Winnetka Elder Park Beach in Cook County, Ill.
  • North Point Marina North Beach in Lake County, Ill.
  • Constance Beach, Gulf Breeze, Little Florida, Long Beach, and Rutherford Beaches in Cameron County, La.
  • Beachwood Beach West in Ocean County, N.J.
  • Woodlawn Beach (Woodlawn Beach State Park) in Erie County, N.Y.
  • Ontario Beach in Monroe County, N.Y.
  • Euclid State Park and Villa Angela State Park beaches in Cuyahoga County, Ohio
  • South Shore Beach in Milwaukee County, Wis.

It goes without saying that you should know to never swim in bacteria contaminated waters. Swimming in bacteria-polluted waters can cause our bodies to experience health problems such as gastroenteritis, fever, vomiting, skin rashes and ear, nose and eye infections. And as with many illnesses, the elderly and the very young are more susceptible to becoming very ill from bacteria contaminated water. would like to help remind people that reducing beach water pollution is an investment that makes sense not only because of the economic value of clean water, but also because of the health hazards caused by beach water pollution.

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Great Water Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

If you find it hard to get a really unique gift for your dad on Father’s Day, you are not alone. here is a list of 5 really cool gifts water gift ideas for your dad.

What happens on the third Sunday in June? Well, if you guessed Father’s Day, you would be right! That one time of the year when we take the time to appreciate all of the great Dads of the world. 

Father’s Day originated in the early twentieth century as a compliment to Mother’s Day, and Sonora Dodd has been credited with its founding. Although the United States Congress first introduced the bill back in 1913, it took until 1966 for Congress and President Lyndon Johnson to make it official.

Finding the Perfect Gift
If you find it hard to get a really unique gift for your Dad on Father’s Day, you are not alone. The first criteria for a great Father’s Day gift should be something that is unique. Unique, for argument’s sake, is defined as useful – not food or a gift card – and something that could enhance the things that our Dads do.

The second criteria for a Father’s Day gift is that the gift has to be about, involve, or use water, since this is after all, a water filter blog. So, with these parameters, here’s some really cool gifts that might fit the need.

Steripen-portable-uvwater-filterIf your Dad loves to travel, this gift idea could be worth its weight in gold. Unfortunately when traveling outside the United States, drinking water can be the biggest obstacle and something that can ruin a vacation or business trip. Contaminated drinking water is one of the leading sources of health problems for travelers, and can cause anything from mild gastrointestinal distress to serious bacterial diseases. The solution and a great gift idea is a SteriPEN handheld UV water purifier. The SteriPEN is a small portable devices that uses (UV) ultraviolet light to purifier water. The Steripen is capable of purifying water for over 10 different contaminates, including bacteria, parasites, and viruses.

Garment-SteamerEver thought about the time and cost of taking clothes to the dry cleaner? With this father’s day gift idea, Dad will not have to worry about having wrinkled clothes, and he can also avoid the hassles and cost of going to the dry cleaner. With the Best Garment Steamer and only about 90 seconds, Dad’s wool suit, silk tie, or cotton shirt will be wrinkle free! 

Culligan-rainshower-headAfter a long day working outside in the yard, or even upon waking up, most dads can really appreciate a good shower. The Culligan Raindisk Shower Head has many benefits, including reducing 97% of the chlorine and sulfur found in shower water. And the best feature of this particular shower head is the wide spray pattern. So if you have ever heard your Dad say, “I had to dance around in the shower to get wet!”, then this would be the perfect gift !

Evaporative-Cooling-HatMost Dads will find themselves outside during the summer months, where the heat is always an issue. Keeping cool while doing yard work or playing golf can make a difference between drudgery and the enjoyment of outdoor activities. A unique gift that can help keep Dad cooler during these hot summer days is an Evaporative Cooling Hat. These hats work by simply running them under cool water and shaking off the excess. The hat then uses evaporation to keep Dad’s head up to 30º F cooler than the outside air temperature!

Water-cooling-fanCooking out or relaxing outdoors is something most Dads long for. But once again, the summer heat can limit the time Dad can spend outdoors. Couple this heat with all of the various flies and mosquitoes, and it can ruin Dad’s outdoor plans. To help with these issues, you might want to consider getting your Dad a Misting Fan. Like the one shown here, many of these fans emit a fine mist of water that actually helps to lower the ambient temperature by up to 30 degrees! Not only does it keep Dad cooler, but since flying insects typically avoid wind and moisture, the fan helps to reduce these outdoor nuisances as well!

We hope you like these original and unique water-themed gift ideas for Father’s Day. No matter which of these gifts you decide on for your Dad, it will show your appreciation for him on this Father’s Day.

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