Save $600 a Year: If You Change Your Clock, Change Your Refrigerator Water Filter

March 10th 2013 is Daylight Savings. reminds you to “Change your Clock, Change your Refrigerator Water Filter” and you could save $600 a year by not buying bottled water. See the Eco-Friendly Swift Green Refrigerator Water Filters that can save you and additional 30% over OEM refrigerator filters. Plus use coupon code Tritandeal for 40% off BPA-free sport water bottles to solve the issue of convenience that bottled water offers.

Over the past 6 months there have been numerous major news stories that have put the spotlight on our drinking water supply. Just recently a report indicated that a large number of California residents rely on contaminated drinking water. states that 680 of 3000 facilities tested depend on contaminated ground well water, affecting about 21 million people. In another example, a study conducted by the Research National Center for Health Statistics concluded that tap water could be linked to food allergies in children. An 18% increase in reported food allergies and food allergy related hospitalizations doubled when exposed to higher levels of levels of dichlorophenol. Dichlorophenol (DCP) is not a chemical added to the water during treatment, but is defined as a byproduct of chlorination during the water disinfection stage.

Although refrigerator water filters are not a total solution for disinfecting and purifying your home’s drinking water, they do offer some measure of protection from common water contaminates. has a long-running semi-annual campaign that’s tied to daylight savings time as a reminder to replace the water filter in your refrigerator. Our slogan “Change your clock, change your filter” takes the guess work out of when you should change your filter. It also provides an easy to remember schedule that’s based on manufacturer’s minimum change frequency. “Change your clock, change your filter”. So for about as much time as it takes to change your smoke alarm battery, which is also done at the daylight savings time change, you can have clean great tasting water.

As a special offer and solution for the convenience of bottled water, is offering 40% off our Tritan BPA Free Sports Water Bottles. To take advantage of this offer add a 27 oz. Tritan water bottle to your cart and enter coupon code “Tritandeal” during checkout.

Virtually all refrigerators sold in the past 10 years offer an indoor ice and water dispensing system. These dispenser systems offer clearer ice and cleaner better tasting drinking water without having to have a separate water filter appliance. At the heart of having this cleaner and better ice and water from your refrigerator is the water filter cartridge. The second most frequently ask question we get about refrigerator filters at is why should it be changed? Refrigerator water filters use a carbon based filter media that absorbs contaminants. Over time the media becomes exhausted and needs replacing. Here are some benefits of regularly replacing the filter:


1. It greatly reduces the levels of chlorine in your water. 97% of city water supplies use chlorine to disinfect drinking water.

2. It provides a more polished taste to the water and reduces bad smells.

3. Prevents unabsorbed water contaminants and newly formed bacteria from being reintroduced into your drinking water.

4. Prevents a drop in water pressure and slow flow rate from the water dispenser.

5. Instead of buying bottled water, if you drink water from your refrigerator you can save about $600 a year from and stop lugging home those heavy boxes of bottled water or plastic bags of ice.

And don’t worry, replacing your refrigerator water filter is easy and now there is an eco-friendly replacement water filter brand. We have added a full line of Swift Green Water Filters, that’s a greener alternative to conventional fridge filters. There are 18 different Swift refrigerator water filters that have been fully tested and are compatible with leading brands such as Samsung, Maytag, Whirlpool, and LG. Not only are these replacement refrigerator water filters eco-friendly and carry the Water Quality Association’s (WQA) Gold Seal, but they offer a considerable cost savings over the original manufactures’ replacement filters.

On March 10th, 2013 Fresh Water Systems would like to remind you to “Change Your Clock, Change Your Filter.”


Note: The Tritan Bottle Coupon has now expired (April 7, 2014).

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