Can You Guess Where in the World is the Water Bottle?

Where in the world is the water bottle? is holding a contest where you guess the location of the Tritan water bottle and win a Free one. How do you enter? Examine the image post with the name of the location, within the week, and you could win. There will be 4 postings over the next 4 weeks, so if you do win this time, be sure to check back next week for the new image and another chance to win a BPA Free water bottle.

Winter is over; spring is here, and things are in full bloom. For a large majority of people, this is one of the best times of the year. We finally get to escape our homes and get a chance to enjoy some of our favorite activities. If you have children, then you will likely be involved with sports like baseball and soccer. This is one of the best times of the year to go camping, hiking, and cycling. Maybe take a weekend trip to the beach or the ball park. No matter where you are going, taking a reusable Tritan water bottle will come in handy.

These water bottles hold 27oz. of fluid, are BPA-free, and were developed for people on the go. Since they have been designed to fit into car cup holders, bicycle bottle holders, and backpacks, these bottles are a necessity when running errands or traveling. The Tritan sports water bottles are dishwasher safe, which means they are strong, durable, and most importantly, reusable.

By using a refillable water bottle, you can help reduce the number of one-time-use plastic water bottles that are disposed of in landfills. One report estimates 30 million plastic bottles are discarded each day. That means that 10 billion bottles are being discarded annually. If being eco-friendly is not enough to persuade you to ditch bottled water, then think about this: Using a Tritan water bottle filled with water from a drinking water filter system gives you better quality water than bottled water . . . and can save you an average of $500 per person per year!

Enter our “Where in the World is the Water Bottle?” contest, where you can win a water bottle and exercise your brain, too. This contest illustrates how versatile the brightly colored Tritan water bottles are and how they can be taken anywhere and everywhere. Look at the picture we have posted and guess where in the world the water bottle is. If you guess correctly, you might just win one! Over the next four weeks, we will post a picture on our Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest profiles. This picture will have a water bottle and a physical location. Examine the image. Guess the location, simply reply to the post with the location within the week, and you could win. Post what you think is the right answer…the person posting before you may or may not be correct! One winner will be chosen from all those with the correct answers. The winner will be contacted and we will send them a FREE water bottle. If you would like to purchase some bottles now, we are offering a special 40% off coupon for a limited time. So go ahead and replace your old water filters, get the 40% off coupon code, check out the Tritan water bottles at and then place your order.

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Why Choose Grooved Over Smooth Sediment Water Filters?

Why Choose Grooved Over Smooth Sediment Water Filters?

Why choose a grooved sediment water filter over a smooth one. See why replacing a UV water purification or reverse osmosis system’s sediment filter with a Neo-Pure grooved depth filter can save you money while getting greater water filtering. it’s time to get your Neo Pure groove on.

Many people believe bigger is better. AT&T even has an advertising campaign wrapped around this idea. What if you could also get more for less in your water filter? That is exactly what you get with the Neo-Pure grooved sediment depth filters.


To highlight the benefits of the grooved water filter design, we can look to human anatomy. When comparing the human brain to a simpler animal’s brain, such as a frog, one of the most noticeable things is the wrinkles of the human brain. Scientist have explained that these wrinkles exist because “as the human brain evolved, it grew in size.” To accommodate this growth without increasing the size of the skull, the brain developed “wrinkles, so more brain surface can fit into our skulls. More cerebral cortex equals more intelligence.” (

This is the same principle that’s involved in making many types of machines or a car radiator. This technology is now offered in the Neo-Pure grooved sediment water filter. Just like the brain fitting inside the skull, sediment water filters have to fit into a filter housing that is a very specific size. So how do you get more surface area, thus more filtering ability? Add grooves to the filter!

The Neo-Pure sediment grooved water filter cartridges increase the surface area for longer cartridge life when compared to non-grooved polypropylene filters. Sediment grooved cartridges are commonly utilized for pre-filtration in commercial beverage systems and both home and business in reverse osmosis systems, and UV water purification systems. These filters are designed to be compatible with many brands such as Culligan, Cuno, Aqua-Pure, and many others.

Less expensive, better filtering, and works with many different filter system brands: Just a few reason it’s time to get your groove on.

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Prevent Ice Machine Slime and Bacteria

Commercial and restaurant ice machines build up bio-film that is expensive to clean and can pose a health hazard to people. Using the ice wand ice machine slime filter inhibits the growth of the disease and slime causing organisms and reduces the cost of frequently having to have the machine professionally cleaned.

300-250It is a common, but nasty problem for restaurants, bars, hotels,
and hospitals: Bacteria and slime growing inside a commercial ice machine.
Beyond the obvious issues associated with bacteria, the slimy build up inside
of ice machines can cause bad odor and taste  in beverages. When this slime builds up, it can also cause low ice production and even machine failure. (If your machine has with water scale you may want to purchase the Everpure EV9799-02 filter.)

To combat this bacteria and build-up problem for commercial ice bagging companies and hotels, hospitals, and restaurants with ice machines the Ice Wand easy an easy to use solution. Simply place the Ice Wand in your ice machine and the
patented anti-microbial filter media will control the growth of bacteria
that is responsible for ice machine bio-film (slime) build-up.

the Ice Wand Prevents Ice Machine Slime

After nearly a year of field testing, the Ice Wand’s ability to
control ice machine bio-film build up is remarkable. Traditionally,
restaurants, hotels, bars, casinos, and any other establishment operating
commercial ice machines are forced to shut down their ice makers to do regular
mechanical cleaning and disinfection. The Ice Wand can prevent this loss time by inhibiting the growth
of the disease and slime causing organisms with patented, nontoxic, mineral
based, time-released filter media pellets.

The secret of the Ice Wand ice machine filter's success lies in this
patented, EPA-registered advanced antimicrobial MB2050 media. This innovative
technology utilizes the antimicrobial properties of various minerals, along
with metal oxides to interfere with microorganism’s cell replication, electron
transport and overall organism function. With this new technology the Ice Wand
allows members of the food service industry to meet sanitation regulations
easily and to improve the quality of beverages for their customers. The
installation of the Ice wand is simple and requires no tools and is done with
one step. Simply place the ice wand into your commercial ice machine's water
sump, and you are done. The Ice Wand works with commercial ice machines such as Scotsman,
Manitowoc, Hoshizaki, Ice-O-Matic, and virtually any ice machine that uses a


The Ice Wand Can Save Your Business Money

only does the ice wand provide better quality ice and helps increase the life
of your commercial ice machine, it saves your business money. The ice wand helps
eliminate the burden of having to clean your ice machine manually. In the past,
business operating commercial ice machines have had to pay an
outside contractor to clean the bacteria and bio-film (slime) out of the machine about every 2-3

 Having a commercial ice machine professionally cleaned three times a
year (some locations will need to do this more often), can
cost owners over a $1000 a year. By using the Ice Wand, these cleanings are cut in half and in some cases the need for cleaning is eradicated, saving you hundreds of dollars a year!

The Ice Wand bio-film prevention filter's benefits and features:

• Dramatically reduced cleaning and maintenance requirements
and costs

• Improved overall beverage and bagged ice quality

• Reduces taste and odor concerns

• Extends the life of commercial ice cube machine

• Compatible with almost all commercial ice cube machines

• Long shelf life

• No chlorine additives, carcinogenic chemicals, or toxic
by-products in the water

• Safe to handle; easy 5-minute installation

• Oxidation resistant, making it safe for ice machine parts

• Saves $1000+ for annual professional ice machine cleanings

• Annual cost for the ice wand: less than $150 (when changed every 3

• Made in the USA

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