Make Your Water 99.99% Pure

Make Your Water 99.99% Pure

BoilingwaterWhen disaster strikes, boiling water is not enough

Across the country “Boil Water Advisories” have been popping up with an alarming frequency. Their sources are crumbling water infrastructure, chemical spills, and effects of local fracking, causing thousands of people a year to boil water in an attempt to sanitize it.

The main benefit of boiling water is killing viruses and bacteria that have found their way into the water supply, though this does not remove them or any chemicals within. If complete purity is desired, the only method is water distillation. When water is distilled it is evaporated into steam and then separated from its original location, leaving behind all bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and sediments. This steam is then condensed in a new clean location where it is ready for drinking. Is it possible you are at risk of a water contamination?

Even as you read this, people are suffering from sporadic water contaminations in every state. As of this writing, there were 6 counties that went on a “Boil Water Advisory” within a 24 hour period. Without proper distillation equipment, these people will be forced to drink improperly treated boiled water or pay hundreds of dollars for disposable bottles of water.

In 2014, West Virginia was home to a horrible chemical spill that left 300,000 people without clean drinking water for days. Since this was a chemical spill, simply boiling the water was not advisable. The relatively few people who owned home water distillers were able use their water without concern for contamination.

With the number of contaminated water incidents on the rise, having a reliable water distillation system is a smart move to keep your family safe.


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