An interesting article coming out of the Aiken Standard discusses some of the pivotal Environmental Laws passed in the United States in the last half century.

If asked to list three of the most important
environmental laws ever passed in this country, I would have no
hesitation in naming the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act and the
Endangered Species Act. Most people who remember how things were before
those pieces of legislation were enacted would probably agree with my
assessment. But when economic times get tough, as they are now, the
environment can serve as a scapegoat for people with self-serving
agendas. When that happens, we need to be careful not to lower our
ecological guard.

Many people are voicing these concerns. As far as the the Clean Water Act is concerned, it's important to put into place legislation that allows clean water to remain a priority, but doing so at a price that is reasonable, with efficient, effective manpower paving the way for the next generation.

The article continues:

Despite significant environmental gains
achieved through these laws, without dire economic consequences, some
people persist in wanting to weaken the regulations in all three of
these nation-saving legislative acts. Anytime you hear someone, whether
politician, industrialist or just plain folk, talk about the need to
curtail any of these laws, take a careful look at who is going to
benefit. I guarantee it will not be you. Beware, also, of rhetoric that
uses slogans like "creating jobs" or "being good for the economy." Such
catchphrases are presented as if they are incompatible with protecting
the environment. They are not. But one thing is certain – the
congressional decisions of the 1970s will be hard acts to follow.

People who are concerned about the cleanliness of their water but are not in a position to pass laws can invest in a number of clean water filters, many of which work on faucets, refrigerators and water pitchers.

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