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Why Choose Grooved Over Smooth Sediment Water Filters?

Why choose a grooved sediment water filter over a smooth one. See why replacing a UV water purification or reverse osmosis system’s sediment filter with a Neo-Pure grooved depth filter can save you money while getting greater water filtering. it’s time to get your Neo Pure groove on.

Save $600 a Year: If You Change Your Clock, Change Your Refrigerator Water Filter

March 10th 2013 is Daylight Savings. reminds you to “Change your Clock, Change your Refrigerator Water Filter” and you could save $600 a year by not buying bottled water. See the Eco-Friendly Swift Green Refrigerator Water Filters that can save you and additional 30% over OEM refrigerator filters. Plus use coupon code Tritandeal for 40% off BPA-free sport water bottles to solve the issue of convenience that bottled water offers.

World Water Wonder #2 The Beppu Hells of Japan

Unfortunately, many of the same minerals that give the Beppu pools their stunning color are not so pleasant when they are found in our home’s water supply. Higher concentrations of calcium lead to hard water, while too much iron can give your water a metallic taste and a reddish-brown tint.

Neti-Pot Users: You Think You have Boogers Now?

The best way to protect against this brain eating amoeba , and any others that may be lurking in your home’s plumbing, is to use only disinfected, boiled or distilled water in a Neti pot. Water can be easily sanitized at the point-of-use with an Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system, handheld UV sterilizer, or countertop water distiller.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

Osmosis is a simple, yet extraordinary process. It may be one of those biological terms that scare you, but keep faith, it's easy to understand.Picture a beaker full of water. An open-ended tube is submerged in the water. The water level is the same between the...

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