12 Days of Gift Solutions: The SteriPEN Handheld UV Water Purifier

12 Days of Gift Solutions: The SteriPEN Handheld UV Water Purifier

Today’s gift solution is the SteriPen Portable UV system. This handheld sterilizer is a perfect gift for the hiker, traveler, or explorer on your list.
Dangerous microbes and cysts can live in river and spring water that has been untreated. Hikers can often experience severe cramping and diarrhea after drinking untreated surface water, as most rivers and streams may have fecal contaminants from animals or humans. Travelers may also be at risk for sickness when traveling to developing countries that may not have necessary infrastructure to treat water.

The SteriPen uses UV light technology to zap dangerous microbes and cysts. The UV light alters the DNA of the microbes, which prevents them from reproducing and thus making a person sick.

The SteriPen freedom is easy to use. Simply remove the cap and immerse the uv lamp into the water. 48 seconds later, the water will be ready to drink.

Don’t forget to visit us for more great holiday gift solutions. We can even ship it to your family or friends!


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Could Water Contamination & Pollution Ruin Your Beach Trip? The Cleanest and Dirtiest American Beach’s

Could Water Contamination & Pollution Ruin Your Beach Trip? The Cleanest and Dirtiest American Beach’s

During this Independence Day, July 4th 2012, AAA has reported they estimate that over 42 million people will hit the roads many for a summer vacation trip to the beach. Recent news report shows Americas cleanest and dirties beaches and how bacteria water contamination could ruin your fun.
The 4th of July is one of the most traveled holidays and a time that a lot of families take trips. According to a recent AAA report, over 42 million Americans will travel 50 plus miles during the Independence Day holiday weekend. This year is predicted to add an additional 2 million more families, an almost 5% increase from last year. (See AAA Report)

One of Americans favorite vacation spots are our wonderful beaches. Each year millions of people flock to the coastline for fun in the sun, relaxation, and playing in the oceans. Are you one of these 42 million who has planned a trip this July 4th to the beach? Although poor weather and too much sun can ruin a trip to the beach, there is also the unfortunate threat of polluted water that could threaten to close an entire beach itself. Beaches can become contaminated by a variety of sources that contribute to bacteria in the waters, such as storm runoff following a rain, agricultural runoff, wild and domestic animal waste, malfunctioning sewage disposal systems, and sanitary sewer overflows just to mention a few. With all of this in mind, a recent study and report by Fox News has listed some of Americas cleanest and dirties beaches. Below are the listings of the Top Cleanest and Dirtiest Beaches from this Fox News Report:


Cleanest Beaches:

  • Newport Beach, Bolsa Chica Beach, and Huntington State Beach in Orange County, Calif.
  • Gulf Shores Public Beach and Gulf State Park Pavilion in Baldwin County, Ala.
  • Dewey Beach in Sussex County, Del.
  • Ocean City at Beach 6 in Worcester County, Md.
  • Park Point Franklin Park/ 13th Street South Beach Park and Lafayette Community Club Beach in St. Louis County, Minn.
  • Hampton Beach State Park and Wallis Sands Beach in Rockingham County, N.H.
  • South Padre Island in Cameron County, Texas

Dirtiest Beaches:

  • Avalon Beach in Los Angeles County, Calif.
  • Doheny State Beach in Orange County, Calif.
  • Winnetka Elder Park Beach in Cook County, Ill.
  • North Point Marina North Beach in Lake County, Ill.
  • Constance Beach, Gulf Breeze, Little Florida, Long Beach, and Rutherford Beaches in Cameron County, La.
  • Beachwood Beach West in Ocean County, N.J.
  • Woodlawn Beach (Woodlawn Beach State Park) in Erie County, N.Y.
  • Ontario Beach in Monroe County, N.Y.
  • Euclid State Park and Villa Angela State Park beaches in Cuyahoga County, Ohio
  • South Shore Beach in Milwaukee County, Wis.

It goes without saying that you should know to never swim in bacteria contaminated waters. Swimming in bacteria-polluted waters can cause our bodies to experience health problems such as gastroenteritis, fever, vomiting, skin rashes and ear, nose and eye infections. And as with many illnesses, the elderly and the very young are more susceptible to becoming very ill from bacteria contaminated water. FreshWaterSystems.com would like to help remind people that reducing beach water pollution is an investment that makes sense not only because of the economic value of clean water, but also because of the health hazards caused by beach water pollution.

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Steripen UV Water Purifier: 5th Day Before Christmas Holiday Water Ideas

We have the perfect gift idea for anyone you know that travels out of the country, enjoys camping, and likes to be prepared in case of emergency situations. The Steripen UV handheld water purifier uses ultraviolet light to disinfect drinking water. In as little as 48 seconds, 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and protozoan cysts such as giardia and cryptosporidia, are destroyed.

We have the perfect gift idea for anyone you know that travels out of the country, enjoys camping, and likes to be prepared in case of emergency situations. Let’s start off with a practical story, where I really wish I would have owned a UV water filter myself.

A few years ago I went on a Caribbean cruise, which stopped at several ports of call. At one of our scheduled stops, one of the attractions was exploring the city’s history and culture on foot. To add to the authentic experience, we decided to pass on the typical American restaurants and get lunch in an authentic island café. We sat down, were greeted by our waiter with glasses of water, which was a very welcome site after our 2 hour trek in the heat. But things went downhill very quickly from there, the experience ending with the receipt of my ant-covered sandwich. Needless to say we quickly left, but the worst was yet to come. Let’s just say that those glasses of water came back to haunt us a few hours later, with all four of us sick and fighting for turns in the bathroom. Not the memories anyone would want to bring home from a vacation. I only wish that I would have known about the Steripen handheld UV water purifier.

The Steripen UV water purifier uses ultraviolet light to disinfect drinking water. In as little as 48 seconds, 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and protozoan cysts such as giardia and cryptosporidia, are destroyed. And all of this safety can be found in a small, compact, and stylish package that fits right into your pocket! But this technological wonder is not just for the ten million international travelers that the CDC estimates will develop diarrhea from contaminated water; it’s a great idea for everyone who enjoys the outdoors, and it’s even handy in case of a water emergency.


For Campers and Hikers: If you know someone who likes camping or hiking, they know that contaminated water cannot be visually detected. Just because water looks clean, it might not be. There are several types of microorganisms which most often come from animal and human waste and are spread by water run-off. The Steripen water purifier protects your most precious thing when you’re camping or hiking, your water.

For Emergency Situations: Many of us live, or know someone who lives, in an area that is prone to natural disasters. Whether it be hurricanes, floods, tornadoes or earthquakes , all natural disasters can disrupt safe drinking water supplies in a number of ways, and that has the potential to create ideal environments for microbial growth. And Steripen should be an essential part of your emergency preparation.

Remember, if you need a cool, last minute gift idea for the traveler, adventure, the preparer, or the techie in your family; consider one of the Steripen UV water purifier products. You can easily see why the Steripen was named on Time Magazine’s All-Time 100 Gadgets, and recently name in Fox News Hottest Tech Toys.

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Clean Water in South America and Filter Options for Homeowners

A charitable American takes a trip to a South American village. She is inspired. She is empathetic. She wants to do something. So she adopts the village and plans to create a school system. But it turns out the village elders have something different in mind. If you really want to help us, they say, provide our village with clean drinking water.

Here's a snippet from an article in the PressDemocrat.com:

She learned that in scores of isolated villages of Peru’s Amazon
Basin, education is of little value to children who are sick or dying
because they drink bad water.

The rain forests of the vast
Fernando de Lores district of Peru (Ecuador is to the west, Colombia to
the north and Brazil to the east) receive about 150 inches of rain per
year, but there’s precious little water that’s safe to drink.

no means of collecting rainwater, villagers walk — sometimes great
distances — to dip vessels into the Amazon and tributaries, then they
carry the water home. It teems with parasites, bacteria and pollutants.

they have to hand-carry water, the estimated 20,000 villagers of the
sodden Lores district use it sparingly. “We use more water in our
shower in the morning than they use in a week,” she said.


Most of us drink relatively clean water. But there are ways — such as investing a clean water filters — that can ensure you and your family are provided for years with the healthy water supply you need and deserve.

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Water safety while traveling

People are traveling despite the troubled economy.  Travelers have learned to visit their favorite destinations for less money by staying in cheaper hotels, eating cheaper food, and flying on cheaper airlines. This is good for the wallet, but dangerous for your health.

One thing to pay special attention to is your water supply–if you are in a third world country or an unfamiliar place, do your best to find information on the area’s water. Oftentimes you can find warnings, advice and tips online.

The safest thing to do is drink bottled water. This may hurt your budget but it will save your health. If you are hiking or traveling through a place where bottled water is not readily available, be sure to carry a canteen that can safely transport your personal water supply.

Nobody wants to be paralyzed by fear, especially when traveling. Travel is about exploration, but the best trips are the ones in which smart planning meets adventure. You can find travel articles with tips and get advice about drinking water while abroad.

New products are also available that work to clean your water. If you are on the go and don’t want to be saddled down by carrying extra pounds of water, you can use these mobile devices to clean water while you are traveling or hiking.

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“The Ultimate Desert Handbook” Recommends the SteriPen

Whether you need it for practical, everyday purposes or for adventures into the wilderness, the SteriPen is a must have.

At least that’s what G. Mark Johnson recommends in his book, The Ultimate Desert Handbook.

Johnson is an avid hiker. His book is loaded with tips and advice, especially for those who are looking for resourceful ways to improve their skills and trek even deeper into remote areas of the globe.

Here’s Johnson on the SteriPen’s benefits:

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation has been used for years to purify water, but the Steri-Pen is the first truly portable device I know of to use the principle to treat water without chemicals. About 7 inches long and weighing 6 ounces, the Steri-Pen uses four AA batteries to light a germicidal UV lamp ( liquid level sensors prevent the UV lamp from lighting unless it is fully submerged in water). After collecting and straining a pint of clear water, you can activate the Steri-Pen with a button-pushing sequence, and stir the tip of the pen in the water for thirty-eight to forty-eight seconds. A microcomputer determines the exact duration of the UV dosage, and a small LED (light-emitting diode) light indicates when the treatment is complete. That’s all there is to it.

So, before you next venture into the woods or dessert, make sure to have a SteriPen. It’s the mobile device that will clean your water and keep you going longer.


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