November 3: Change Your Clock, and Change Your Filter

Do you know if you have a water filter?

If your refrigerator dispenses ice or water from the door, then you have a refrigerator filter. Your manufacturer likely recommends changing your filter every six months. Some refrigerator owners may have never even changed their filter!

This weekend you will change your clock back an hour. Maybe you will change the batteries in your smoke alarm as well, or perhaps your air filter. So why not get into the habit of changing your refrigerator filter as well?

What are the benefits of changing a refrigerator’s filter?

             1. Better tasting water and ice.

If your filter is clogged or not working properly, chlorine may be getting into your glass of water. Chlorine can give your water and ice a bleach smell and taste. Most refrigerator filters will reduce chlorine by a significant percentage.

            2. Filtered, safe water for your home or business

 Many refrigerator filters will remove not only chlorine but also other dangerous contaminants, including lead and even certain dangerous pesticides. An old filter can “get full,” allowing bacteria and other contaminants to bypass the filter and get into your glass of water.

            3. $900 in savings!

That’s right, if you drink filtered tap water instead of bottled water, you can save almost $1,000 per year.

GE replacement Filter

GE MWF Refrigerator Filter

Fresh Water Systems offers many name-brand replacement filters that are sure to match your refrigerator needs. We also offer the eco-friendly, compatible (and money saving!) Swift Green filter. Swift Green filters offer the exact same specifications as the OEM filter, but often with even better filtration and up to a 30% savings off the OEM price.

So what are you waiting for?

Come check out our wide selection of replacement fridge filters

 But, don’t forget to change your clock too!

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Water Filter Pitchers: 3rd Day Before Christmas Holiday Water Ideas

Water Filter Pitchers: 3rd Day Before Christmas Holiday Water Ideas

Water-filter-pitchersThere are just some days when you get home, you hope that there’s a large pitcher of cold water inside your refrigerator so satisfy your thirst. What would be even better is cold water that has been filtered to remove any chlorine, bad tastes or bad odors. Sometimes the thought of plumbing in a drinking water system is just too complicated. If you live in an apartment or dorm room, you may not be allowed to redo the plumbing under your kitchen sink. A Water Pitcher Filter System is the perfect solution to provide clean better tasting water. Water Pitcher Filter Systems are also very portable and can be easily packed when you are traveling.

The Water Filter Pitchers brands we offer, such as Culligan PIT-1 water filter pitcher, can hold up to two quarts of water and can easily fit into most refrigerators shelves. Each filter last for approximately 50 gallons, or 60 days and can be easily replaced. To replace the filter for a pitcher system, remove the filter from the packaging and soak in some tap water for ten minutes, then run some water over it to wash away any carbon fines. Twist the filter into your pitcher and you’re ready to go. The Water Filter Pitcher can be used to fill a tall class of cold refreshing water, or fill up your pets water bowls with healthy contaminant free water, or fill up your water bottle before your workout. Filter packs are easy to find at and usually come in a three pack which should last for 6 months. With a water filter pitcher your house guest might be talking more about the great tasting water than your food.

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Daylight Savings Time Ends 11-6-11, Change Your Clock Change Your Fridge Filter Reminds You That Daylight Savings Time Ends November 6th, 2011, Change Your Clock Change Your Refrigerator Filter Plus Get Free Water Bottle with Any Purchase Over $50. Use Coupon Code FWSCC.

Daylight-savings-change-water-filterDuring the past 6 months there have been numerous reports about the quality of drinking water that include Chromium-6 water contamination in the United States to radiation contaminating water in Japan. Although something that we do not think about in or daily lives, water quality is a major concern for people. In a recent report highlights the fact the worlds water use is rising faster than the population putting us on a collision course where in the 21st century water could be the essential commodity that this century will pivot around. Not only is fresh water, drinking water, in very limited supply but since the industrial revolution we have to continued to contaminate water supplies by many of the processes used in the manufacturing of products.

To help provide some measure of protection for our drinking water in your homes, has been running a campaign over the past few years that is tied to daylight savings time. Our slogan provides an easy reminder that it is time to change the refrigerator water filters – which only takes about as much time as it takes to change the smoke alarm battery, another household task associated with the changing of the clock – and that slogan is simple: “Change your clock, change your filter”. As a special offer is offering a FREE Stainless steel water bottle with purchase over $50. Simply add a 18oz Neo Vas Steel water bottle to your cart and with your $50 purchase and enter coupon code FWSCC.

The quality of drinking water varies greatly depending on where you live in the United States. There are certain regions in the United States where residents must use whole-house water filter systems and water purification systems such as reverse osmosis, [url= ]ceramic filter systems, and water distillers to ensure that they are removing potentially harmful water contaminants from their water. There are other regions where the general water quality is good, but it is prone to the occasional water contamination. We sometimes fail to remember that the journey our water takes is through many miles of plastic and steel piping in order to reach our homes. Although the water was treated at some type of water treatment facility (if you do not use well water), moving through these pipes allows this water the potential to pick up various impurities along the way.

One of the most common ways many of us get filtered water is from an indoor refrigerator water dispenser. These dispenser systems do not just connect to your water line, but instead have complex filtration systems built right into them for ice and drinking water. And as with any water filter, the filter media will become depleted and you will need to replace it. One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to refrigerator water filters is, “How often do I need to change my refrigerator water filter?” You need to change your refrigerator water filter cartridge every six months, as:

  1. It provides better tasting and smelling water
  2. It helps remove fine particles and sediment from the water
  3. It prevents unabsorbed water contaminants and newly formed bacteria from being reintroduced into your drinking water
  4. Prevents drop in water pressure from dispenser
  5. Drinking fresh drinking water from your refrigerator can save you over $600 a year over using bottled water.

And don’t worry, changing your refrigerator water filter is easy and now even more Eco-friendly. We have added a new line of refrigerator water filters, Swift Green filters, that’s a greener alternative to conventional fridge filters. In place of commonly used of carbon, Swift filters use active carbon that gives the same great tasting water. Active carbon is made from a process of carbonizing dried coconut shells which is a renewable and sustainable filter media source. There are 18 different swift refrigerator water filters that have been tested and are compatible with leading brands such as Samsung, Maytag, Whirlpool, and LG. Not only are these replacement refrigerator water filters eco friendly, has the Water Quality Associations (WQA) Gold Seal, but it offer a considerable cost savings over original manufactures replacement filters.

So on November 6th, 2011 Fresh Water Systems would like to remind you remember Change your clock Change your Filter.

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New Whirlpool Resource Saver Refrigerator uses less power than a 60-watt light bulb

New Whirlpool Resource Saver Refrigerator uses less power than a 60-watt light bulb

4396841-water-filter is not only an industry leader of water filters and filtration systems, but we consider ourselves as an eco friendly company that like to help people understand and highlight conservation issues as well. New for 2010 Whirlpool has just released one of its most energy efficient refrigerators in the world. The new Whirlpool new refrigerator “Resource Saver” uses less energy in 1 year that a 60-watt light bulb. Yes you did read that correct the whole systems uses less power than a 60-watt light bulb! The “Resource Saver” features 4 different finishes, large storage areas, and electronic ice and water dispenser with LCD Controls. The new Whirlpool water filtration system uses the Whirlpool KitchenAid PUR 4396841 water filter. We always like to applauded and praise companies who make strong leaps in technology for conservation purposes. As we start the new decade not only do we need to be mindful of energy and water conservation but need to examine the use of all of our natural resources. For more information about the new Whirlpool system visit

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Whirlpool Refrigerator water filters

Whirlpool Refrigerator Filters With world, national, and even personal attention now being paid to the use   of energy and our natural resources, businesses are now answering the call for more efficient and eco-friendly products. One of the largest consumers of your home's energy are kitchen appliances. The United States has developed a program to encourage both manufacturers and consumers to produce and shop for what are called ENERGY STAR Qualified products.

Home refrigerators are one of the major home appliances that consumes a lot of power.   Many refrigerators have undergone a revolution in both features and energy consumption. In order to be an ENERGY STAR qualified refrigerator, it requires that the appliance use only about half as much energy as models manufactured before 1993. ENERGY STAR qualified refrigerators provide energy savings without sacrificing the features you want, and one of the leaders in ENERGY STAR refrigerators is Whirlpool.
Of the 38 different refrigerator models offered on Whirlpool's website, 28 of them are ENERGY STAR compliant, and many of those offer the sought after in-door ice and water dispensing capability. Whirlpool refrigerators that offer ice and water dispensing capabilities require that the water running through these systems is kept clean and pure . This means replacing the filter cartridge according to the manufacturer's suggested schedule.

Not only are they energy efficient, but the Whirlpool refrigerator water filters are one of the most effective water filters when it comes to removing unhealthy contaminants from your drinking water.

Choosing the appropriate water filter cartridge is easier than you think. Normally, the filter has the model number right on the cartridge. Simply go to our website,, and type in that model number to find the filter you need.

But wait….we've made it even easier for you to find your filter. These are the four most popular Whirlpool replacement filters.

  • Whirlpool 4396510 rc
  • Whirlpool 4396841
  • Whirlpool 8171413
  • Whirlpool 8171414
  • FreshWaterSystems is committed to providing the best customer service and the highest quality products, and to improving the quality of life through the quality of water.

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    A New Day for Environmental Laws and Refrigerator Filters

    An interesting article coming out of the Aiken Standard discusses some of the pivotal Environmental Laws passed in the United States in the last half century.

    If asked to list three of the most important
    environmental laws ever passed in this country, I would have no
    hesitation in naming the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act and the
    Endangered Species Act. Most people who remember how things were before
    those pieces of legislation were enacted would probably agree with my
    assessment. But when economic times get tough, as they are now, the
    environment can serve as a scapegoat for people with self-serving
    agendas. When that happens, we need to be careful not to lower our
    ecological guard.

    Many people are voicing these concerns. As far as the the Clean Water Act is concerned, it's important to put into place legislation that allows clean water to remain a priority, but doing so at a price that is reasonable, with efficient, effective manpower paving the way for the next generation.

    The article continues:

    Despite significant environmental gains
    achieved through these laws, without dire economic consequences, some
    people persist in wanting to weaken the regulations in all three of
    these nation-saving legislative acts. Anytime you hear someone, whether
    politician, industrialist or just plain folk, talk about the need to
    curtail any of these laws, take a careful look at who is going to
    benefit. I guarantee it will not be you. Beware, also, of rhetoric that
    uses slogans like "creating jobs" or "being good for the economy." Such
    catchphrases are presented as if they are incompatible with protecting
    the environment. They are not. But one thing is certain – the
    congressional decisions of the 1970s will be hard acts to follow.

    People who are concerned about the cleanliness of their water but are not in a position to pass laws can invest in a number of clean water filters, many of which work on faucets, refrigerators and water pitchers.

    The Frigidaire Pure Source 2 Water Filter – WF2CB



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