A charitable American takes a trip to a South American village. She is inspired. She is empathetic. She wants to do something. So she adopts the village and plans to create a school system. But it turns out the village elders have something different in mind. If you really want to help us, they say, provide our village with clean drinking water.

Here's a snippet from an article in the PressDemocrat.com:

She learned that in scores of isolated villages of Peru’s Amazon
Basin, education is of little value to children who are sick or dying
because they drink bad water.

The rain forests of the vast
Fernando de Lores district of Peru (Ecuador is to the west, Colombia to
the north and Brazil to the east) receive about 150 inches of rain per
year, but there’s precious little water that’s safe to drink.

no means of collecting rainwater, villagers walk — sometimes great
distances — to dip vessels into the Amazon and tributaries, then they
carry the water home. It teems with parasites, bacteria and pollutants.

they have to hand-carry water, the estimated 20,000 villagers of the
sodden Lores district use it sparingly. “We use more water in our
shower in the morning than they use in a week,” she said.


Most of us drink relatively clean water. But there are ways — such as investing a clean water filters — that can ensure you and your family are provided for years with the healthy water supply you need and deserve.

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