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Water Distillers

THE PURE WATER MINI-CLASSIC 2™ is a compact, portable steam-distillation appliance that allows small families to produce high-purity steam distilled water for their drinking and consumable uses. The Pure Water Mini-Classic II™ operates much like a coffee maker. It...

Ron Rivera, Clean Water Advocate

This one slipped by us last September. Ron Rivera, a world renowned potter from the Bronx, New York, died at age 60 from Malaria.Rivera was a tireless proponent of clean water. His life's passion was helping communities in Latin American, Africa and Asia attain...

How To Use Quick Connect Fittings

Many homeowners are beginning to use quick connect fittings for their point of use filtration systems, or reverse osmosis systems because of their ease of use. This instructional video gives you the basics of how to use John Guest types of quick connect fittings....

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Water Pressure Gauges

Have problems with water dripping or slowly coming out of your faucets? Fell like you have to dance around in your shower to get wet? There could be a number of potential issues that is the cause of poor water pressure in your home or office. Do you use a water...

Culligan Water Filters

Emerging in the media more often is news about water filtration systems. Whether major projects spurred by the Environmental Protection Agency or individuals installing filters for use in their homes, clean water is highly desirable. And it's essential to health...

10 Steps to a Cleaner Water Supply

Whether it's monitoring the levels of contaminants, or keeping up to date on your home's refrigerator filters, it takes awareness and consistent maintenance to ensure that your family has the healthiest drinking water.10 helpful steps are listed below. They...

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