Typically green water is something that you would want to prevent. There are water filter solutions for green water, but once a year on St Patrick’s Day the Chicago Dyes there rive green. Learn about the history of this St. Patrick’s Day tradition.

From FreshWaterSystems.com, Why is the Chicago River Green for St Patrick’s Day?

Green-water-filters Would you jump into a pond or lake if the water was green? Would you drink water from your water faucet if it were green? Well people not only swimming, playing, but are flocking from miles around to see the Green river. Over the last 40 + years this tradition has taken place in Chicago where is holds it’s annually St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

In 1961 a Chicago plumber was wearing a pair of overalls that were stained almost a perfect Irish Green color. The plumbing business owner, who by the way was a bit obsessive about being clean, asked his employee how his uniform way dirty with green stains. When the employee was questioned about where he has been, he responded that he was out in the field trying to trace a disconnected water waste line was located. In order to find the line the plumber poured green dye into the water system and was checking the river’s edge to see where the source of the leak might be.

For some of us who think that this might have been causing pollution to the river, you are right. After the first few years, environmental groups raised the issue that the oil based die could be harmful to the river’s ecology. To keep the tradition alive, Stephen M. Bailey the inventor of the green river idea, experimented with several new dyes to settle on a vegetable dye that was truly green (as in eco-friendly). See more about the history of the dying of the Chicago Green for St. Patrick’s Day.

The river and all that water colored green is really a sight to behold, but it is not something you would want to see coming out of open a faucet for your drinking water. Green water, when not dyed, is more than likely inundated with algae growth. Typically the factors that contribute to algae growth in water is excess sunlight, phosphates, and nitrates. In many cases, people who use surface water can experience issues with algae growth. Here are a few algae water filter tips with you are dealing with excessive algae growth.

  1. Spin Down Filter: A Rusco sediment trapper filter can be used as a pretreatment before water entering your whole house filter.
  2. Pleated Water filter Cartridge: Harmsco pleated polyester filter cartridges, which outperform conventional cartridges by lowering filtration costs, Increased dirt holding capacity, and no additives or binders, which may cause foaming
  3. Is your filter housing Clear? Algae need sunlight to grow. If you are using clear filter housing and it is exposed to light this might be part of the issue. A suggestion to correct this is to use opaque filter housing such as Pentek Big Blue Filter housing.

Now that we know what causes water to be green, let’s look at some “Green” Eco-friendly water filters and filtration systems.

  • UltraFiltration Systems: With an Ultrafiltration water filter system there is no waste water, no holding tank, and it reduces many of the same contaminates an RO system does. Learn more about how UF drinking water filtration systems work, or see the NEO Pure TL3 system.
  • Swift Green Filters: What makes Swift “Green” is in the filter media and materials used during their manufacturing process. From the coconut carbon filter media to the recyclable packaging, learn why using a green replacement refrigerator water filter does not have to cost more.
  • UV Water Purification: Ultraviolet (UV) water disinfection technology is more effective than chemicals in destroying certain waterborne contaminants without altering the taste of water. Unlike other water purification types that often use chemicals to disinfect drinking water, there are No by-products with the use of UV which is safe and chemical free. Plus, UV water system does not alter water chemistry and its constituents, such as pH, taste, odor, or color. See and learn more about UV Water Filter Systems

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the leader in water filters and water filtration systems, FreshWaterSystems.com

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