Water Distillers work on basic, natural principles. A hot coil turns water into steam, leaving the impurities behind. The steam then condenses, turning back into water. The purified water will then exit the machine into some type of container. Here is a typical countertop water distillers.

These machines are popular with people who have especially contaminated tap or well water, as a water distiller reduces many impurities including heavy metals, pesticides, viruses, bacteria, and many other impurities.

Where is distilled water used?

Distilled water is often used not only for drinking water but in home medical devices like CPAP and dialysis machines to avoid any introduction of germs or bacteria. Distilled water should also be used in humidifiers and clothes irons to reduce the scale and deposits left behind after the water has been evaporated into steam. Using this water will also prolong the life of the machine. Distilled water can be used in many other places, including dentist offices and in aquariums.

But doesn’t distilled water taste “flat” or “bland”?

Many who drink distilled water may describe it as flat or bland. This description often comes from those who are used to tap water, which has chlorine or chloramine in it. These disinfectents will give the tap water a distinct after-taste. Others who drink well water are likely not aware that their water is high in iron and other minerals that will also taint the taste of the water. Some may buy plastic jugs of distilled water from the health food store, not realizing that the plastic can actually leach chemicals into the water tainting the taste.

If you own a home steam water distiller machine, one way to avoid these taste complaints is to use a granular activated carbon postfilter. These handy little filters can be easily fitted into your machine. They will reduce any left over VOCs that have escaped in the steam distilled water, but they will also polish off the water, giving it a great taste.

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