Tds-meter-test TDS meters and testers are electronic measuring devices used with reverse osmosis (RO) water filters and water purification systems. TDS meters measure the total dissolved solids (TDS) levels. By measuring these levels it provides an effective way to compare water rejection rates and gauge reverse osmosis membrane, water filter and water purification performance. Once you have a meter reading at a certain level then this general it a good indication that it is time to replace your reverse osmosis membrane and or water filters used by your RO system. The below calculation illustrates how to determine what percentage of water contaminates that are being rejected by your water system.

TDS meters are offered in a variety of different configurations such as handheld TDS meters and inline TDS meters. Handheld TDS meters are ideal for all basic water testing applications such as the Handheld TDS Meter EZ. Inline TDS Meter applications include being ideal for any water filtration system, including reverse osmosis systems, water coolers and much more.

To learn more about TDS meters, online video demonstration, how they work, and some common tips using  TDS testers visit

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