Make your own pumpkin keg

This is the first week of Autumn. Leaves will start to fall; the weather is getting cooler, and football season has started. Halloween and Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. For this year’s party or family get together, why not make a pumpkin keg? They are easy to do and are sure to be a great centerpiece at your party table.

Here are the supplies needed:

  • Medium to large sized pumpkin
  • Marker or ball point pen
  • Pumpkin carving kit
  • Spoon to scoop out seeds
  • Beer or kid-friendly punch
  • Tomlinson Spigot

Here’s how to make your own DIY pumpkin keg in 5 easy steps:

Mark-pumpkin1. After washing the pumpkin, take a marker or ball point pen and draw a circle or a jagged line around the top of the pumpkin for an opening. You will cut around this to get to the inside of the pumpkin, so make sure to make it big enough for your hand to reach into!


Cut-pumpkin2. Take the pumpkin carving kit knife and carefully cut along the line you have made around the pumpkin top. Remove the lid.




Clean-pumpkin3. Pull off the pumpkin lid. Now, use your hands, a spoon, or an ice cream scoop to get out all of the guts out of the pumpkin. Make sure to remove all of the seeds, as they may clog the spigot once the beer or punch is inside. You may not want to remove all of the pumpkin meat, as this is the yummy part that will give your punch or beer more pumpkiny flavor!


Tap-into-pumpkin-keg4. Now it’s time to insert the Tomlinson spigot into your pumpkin. It should be towards the bottom of the pumpkin, but not too low. The pumpkin will need to be elevated so that your guests can place a cup or glass underneath the tap. Use your pen or marker to outline the spigot end. Now that you have an outline, cut the hole for the spigot. You can use your knife or drill to make the hole. Make sure not to make it too big. It is better to make small adjustments than to make the hole too big. Take the pumpkin for a trial run by filling it with water to test for leaks.

Pour-beer-pumpkin5. After you have installed the spigot and checked for leaks, it is now time to fill up the pumpkin with your beer or punch. Place the pumpkin on a flat surface where the spigot will be high enough to fill the glass or cup underneath. Then, place the lid back onto to the pumpkin’s top.

There are lots of punch recipes that will work in your pumpkin keg. If you are using beer, pick a nice seasonal brew that will complement the flavor of the pumpkin. For your own Tomlinson spigot, come visit us at You can even save on shipping by buying your plastic cups from us as well!


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