Lead-Free Law
While many were shoveling snow this weekend, a new Federal law went into effect that you may not know about. Lead exposure can cause serious and long-term health problems. It can harm infants’ and children’s mental and physical development and has also been show to raise pregnant mothers’ reisk of miscarriage and early birth. In recognition of this dangerous contaminant, the Federal Government has passed a law stating that it is now illegal to install, sell, or  manufacture pipes and fittings intended for use with potable water that contain more than .25% lead by weight. This law is an extension of previous state-wide laws in California, Vermont, and Louisiana. The federal law applies to resellers, contractors, manufacturers, dealers, and many others across the country.

Excluded from the law are those pipes, fittings, and faucets that do not come in contact with potable water. Agricultural water uses, industrial cooling towers, and toilets would be some of these exclusions. What is included in this law may be surprising, though. Many would automatically assume that sink taps and drinking fountains are included in this law. But did you know that bathroom sink fixtures, under the counter water filtration systems, and even hot water dispensers are also included in this law?

For several years since the law passed, many manufacturers have been working on designing and producing lead-free pipes, fittings, and fixtures. As a result, Fresh Water Systems has been phasing out items that contain more than .25% lead. When you purchase anything from Fresh Water Systesm from small John Guest fittings to large whole house filtration systems, you can rest easy that your purchase is not only compliant with the new law but will also be safe for your business or home.

For more information on the Federal Lead-Free compliance law visit Fresh Water Systems.com

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