Fresh Water Systems is now offering an expanded selection of filter housings from Harmsco. Harmsco is well known for their high-quality, dependable products that are used throughout the world in both commercial and residential water filtration settings, including municipal and community water service plants.

These American-made housings can be used for industrial or residential markets. Made to last, they are perfect for many applications including desalination, brackish water filtration, bilge water filtration, and industrial waste-water treatment.

Harmsco BC Band Clamp Up-Flow Housings are made out of rugged stainless steel and polished to resist corrosion. These one filter housings are excellent for whole house filtration.

Perfect for industrial applications,
Harmsco Hurricane housings offer a unique technology that separates dense solids prior to filtration, which extends cartridge life and reduces ongoing maintenance costs. Watch the following video for an explanation of how the Hurricane housing works.


In addition to these categories, we also offer WB WaterBetter, SB Hurricane Swing Bolt, HIF Stainless Steel Up-Flow, and Band Clamp filter housings. Our Certified Water Specialists would be happy to assist you in selecting the perfect filter housing for your residential or industrial needs. Give us a call at 1-877-335-3339 or visit our home page:


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