Reverse osmosis water filtration works by using pressure to force water through a
reverse osmosis membrane, retaining the
harmful minerals and particles on one side
and allowing the pure clean filtered water to pass to the other side.


The PuroSmart Reverse Osmosis system attaches to your faucet and
includes carbon block filtration. The carbon block pre-filter removes
chlorine, tastes, and odors. The reverse osmosis membrane in the
PuroSmart removes nearly all the other contaminants common to tap
water. The PuroSmart is the most compact reverse osmosis system
available. Unlike other small filter systems that require frequent
cartridge changes and only remove taste and odor, the PuroSmart truly
purifies water at the molecular level. Similar to the Nimbus Watermaker
Mini and the AquaWizard.
This compact portable reverse osmosis system is ideal for offices, RV's  and college dorm rooms!

PuroSmart Water Filter

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