According to an article written today in the New York Times, lead contamination is not only in Flint, Michigan and we all have reason to be concerned. In recent years, unsafe levels of lead have been found in:

  1. Sebring, OH (2016)
  2. Washington, DC (2001)
  3. Durham and Greenville, NC (2006)
  4. Columbia, SC (2005)
  5. Jackson, MS (2015)

While “Federal officials and many scientists agree that most of the nation’s 53,000 community water systems provide safe drinking water…such episodes are unsettling reminders of what experts say are holes in the safety net of rules and procedures intended to keep water not just lead-free, but free of all poisons.” So what can we do about it?

Fresh Water Systems offers a number of solutions to lead detection and decontamination. You can also read another one of our blog posts about lead contamination to help figure out if you have lead in your water.

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