Recently our office and warehouse encountered some “hiccups.” One afternoon this week, our office was clipping along. Customer Service Agents were answering phones; the warehouse staff was busy boxing up purchases, and it seemed like a pretty normal (though typically busy day). Then, suddenly, around 3pm, the internet cut out. For some offices this type of outage merely signals an inconvenience, but for us here at Fresh Water Systems, everything seemed to grind to a stop. Without the internet we were not able to print packaging details or register packages with FedEx or UPS, which would delay the package’s progress to our customers.

After checking all of our own equipment, we discovered that a construction crew had accidentally cut the fiber-optic cable. This affected several other companies in our area as well; all of us were now without the internet until the cable could be repaired.

We were determined that this would not delay shipments to our waiting customers who had been promised same day shipping.

After some thinking and brainstorming, we came up with a solution. One of our employees had recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S4. Using the Android app PdaNet+, our tech department was able to tether the warehouse computer to his smart phone. We were able to connect to the internet just in time to meet our 5pm deadline for ground shipping!

Air shipping was another problem though. Our dedicated warehouse staff were not able to make the truck deadline before the internet cut out. After they were able to regain internet access through the Samsung Galaxy S4 and print all of the needed packaging and shipping details, one of our employees loaded up his personal truck and drove to the airport. He was able to get the packages on the plane by 8pm, making sure that customers who had paid for air shipping would indeed get that same day shipping.


Even if it takes some creative thinking
and alternative methods, we are determined to keep our customers happy
and our packages on time!











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