Water-filter-pitchersThere are just some days when you get home, you hope that there’s a large pitcher of cold water inside your refrigerator so satisfy your thirst. What would be even better is cold water that has been filtered to remove any chlorine, bad tastes or bad odors. Sometimes the thought of plumbing in a drinking water system is just too complicated. If you live in an apartment or dorm room, you may not be allowed to redo the plumbing under your kitchen sink. A Water Pitcher Filter System is the perfect solution to provide clean better tasting water. Water Pitcher Filter Systems are also very portable and can be easily packed when you are traveling.

The Water Filter Pitchers brands we offer, such as Culligan PIT-1 water filter pitcher, can hold up to two quarts of water and can easily fit into most refrigerators shelves. Each filter last for approximately 50 gallons, or 60 days and can be easily replaced. To replace the filter for a pitcher system, remove the filter from the packaging and soak in some tap water for ten minutes, then run some water over it to wash away any carbon fines. Twist the filter into your pitcher and you’re ready to go. The Water Filter Pitcher can be used to fill a tall class of cold refreshing water, or fill up your pets water bowls with healthy contaminant free water, or fill up your water bottle before your workout. Filter packs are easy to find at FreshWaterSystems.com and usually come in a three pack which should last for 6 months. With a water filter pitcher your house guest might be talking more about the great tasting water than your food.

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