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Lead Pipes Used for Potable Water Are Now Illegal

While many were shoveling snow this weekend, a new Federal law went into effect that you may not know about. Lead exposure can cause serious and long-term health problems. It can harm infants' and children's mental and physical development and has also been show to...

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Today is World Environment Day

Did you know that today, June 5, is "World Environment Day"? World Environment Day is a day promoted by countries across the globe. This year's theme is "Think, Eat, Save." This theme focuses on reducing food waste. Perhaps you (a little like myself), just read that...

Save $600 a Year: If You Change Your Clock, Change Your Refrigerator Water Filter

March 10th 2013 is Daylight Savings. FreshWaterSystems.com reminds you to “Change your Clock, Change your Refrigerator Water Filter” and you could save $600 a year by not buying bottled water. See the Eco-Friendly Swift Green Refrigerator Water Filters that can save you and additional 30% over OEM refrigerator filters. Plus use coupon code Tritandeal for 40% off BPA-free sport water bottles to solve the issue of convenience that bottled water offers.

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