People are traveling despite the troubled economy.  Travelers have learned to visit their favorite destinations for less money by staying in cheaper hotels, eating cheaper food, and flying on cheaper airlines. This is good for the wallet, but dangerous for your health.

One thing to pay special attention to is your water supply–if you are in a third world country or an unfamiliar place, do your best to find information on the area’s water. Oftentimes you can find warnings, advice and tips online.

The safest thing to do is drink bottled water. This may hurt your budget but it will save your health. If you are hiking or traveling through a place where bottled water is not readily available, be sure to carry a canteen that can safely transport your personal water supply.

Nobody wants to be paralyzed by fear, especially when traveling. Travel is about exploration, but the best trips are the ones in which smart planning meets adventure. You can find travel articles with tips and get advice about drinking water while abroad.

New products are also available that work to clean your water. If you are on the go and don’t want to be saddled down by carrying extra pounds of water, you can use these mobile devices to clean water while you are traveling or hiking.

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