Make water the cornerstone of 2013 New Year’s resolutions by using water to living healthier, loose weight, being Eco-friendly, and helping others by giving to a water charity.


Tonight, as New Year's Day is upon us, it’s out with the old and in with the new! And one of the many New Year’s traditions most people have is making resolutions. The idea of a new year brings new opportunities and a sense of self-focus about how to better our lives and the lives of people around us. Most resolutions will be based on willpower, commitment, or trying to make better choices. According to the website, here are the 10 most common News Year’s resolutions.

Drink less alcohol
Eat healthier food
Volunteer to help others
Get a better job
Get physically fit
Lose weight
Save money
Manage stress
Quit smoking
Reduce, reuse, and recycle

This year, how about making a resolution that is easy to do and can help you achieve many of these common personal resolutions, including the resolution to also help others. Water can be the cornerstone of your New Year’s resolutions, and here is how.

Helping Others: Let’s start with one of the major necessities in life: clean drinking water. This video illustrates how big the water crisis is and what you can do to help.

Here are a few water charities that you might want to consider donating to:

Water can also help you accomplish other personal goals of getting fit, losing weight, saving money, or recycling.

 Getting Fit: In the long term, working out at the gym might not be an ideal place for achieving the goal of becoming more fit in 2013, but many people find that water fitness programs are a great alternative. One of the greatest benefits of a water workout is that the natural resistance of water is used to stimulate both cardio-respiratory AND muscular endurance conditioning. Training studies conducted in water indicate significant body-fat loss along with significant muscular strength or endurance gains!

Losing Weight: On average, Americans drink 1.5, 12 oz. cans of soda per day, or 547 cans per year! If the average can of soda contains 140 calories, by simply drinking water in place of 2 cans of soda per week, you can reduce your yearly calorie intake by 14,500 calories! That surely can help anyone with a resolution of losing weight in 2013.

Saving Money: Bottled water is often a drink of choice for those trying to eliminate sodas. Although bottled water is much better for your overall health than soda, it can get to be very expensive. It is estimated that we spend about $520 per person, per year, on bottled water. By simply using a water filtration system along with a reusable water bottle, you and your family can save hundreds of dollars in 2013 !

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle: Being more eco-friendly does not always mean sacrificing effectiveness or paying more money. With the new line of eco-friendly refrigerator water filters from Swift Green, you can actually get better drinking water, while saving money. Coconuts, a renewable resource, are at the heart of these new filters. And Swift’s commitment to being the first “Green Water Filter” does not stop there. FromSwift Green's unique manufacturing process to offering a recycling program for old filters, this line of filters makes it easy to go green in 2013.

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