UV disinfection of drinking water can be used everywhere!


Schools, daycare, eldercare and healthcare facilities are perfect locations to use a UV system.

Children, older adults, and those with compromised immune systems are among those most susceptible to infection for contaminated water. Many jurisdictions’ water quality is subject to regulation, and there really is no way to be 100% certain that the water did not get contaminated after it was treated at the water plant. 


Dental Practices

Dental offices are a prime location for a UV system because they need to ensure the quality of water in order to minimize the possibility of infection during dental procedures. UV systems enhance the efficiency and quality of infection-control practices by delaying the formation of bio-films with the plastic tubing that transports water to the dental equipment.


Cottages, Camps, RVs, and Boats

Whether the water source is a lake, a well or an on-board supply, poor water quality can ruin your recreation experience. UV is a chemical-free solution to protect all outdoor enthusiasts.


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