Why choose a grooved sediment water filter over a smooth one. See why replacing a UV water purification or reverse osmosis system’s sediment filter with a Neo-Pure grooved depth filter can save you money while getting greater water filtering. it’s time to get your Neo Pure groove on.

Many people believe bigger is better. AT&T even has an advertising campaign wrapped around this idea. What if you could also get more for less in your water filter? That is exactly what you get with the Neo-Pure grooved sediment depth filters.


To highlight the benefits of the grooved water filter design, we can look to human anatomy. When comparing the human brain to a simpler animal’s brain, such as a frog, one of the most noticeable things is the wrinkles of the human brain. Scientist have explained that these wrinkles exist because “as the human brain evolved, it grew in size.” To accommodate this growth without increasing the size of the skull, the brain developed “wrinkles, so more brain surface can fit into our skulls. More cerebral cortex equals more intelligence.” (http://curiosity.discovery.com/question/why-brain-covered-in-wrinkles)

This is the same principle that’s involved in making many types of machines or a car radiator. This technology is now offered in the Neo-Pure grooved sediment water filter. Just like the brain fitting inside the skull, sediment water filters have to fit into a filter housing that is a very specific size. So how do you get more surface area, thus more filtering ability? Add grooves to the filter!

The Neo-Pure sediment grooved water filter cartridges increase the surface area for longer cartridge life when compared to non-grooved polypropylene filters. Sediment grooved cartridges are commonly utilized for pre-filtration in commercial beverage systems and both home and business in reverse osmosis systems, and UV water purification systems. These filters are designed to be compatible with many brands such as Culligan, Cuno, Aqua-Pure, and many others.

Less expensive, better filtering, and works with many different filter system brands: Just a few reason it’s time to get your groove on.

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